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For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

Car Free

NVR Guys

We were just reading that there's a surge of people going car free. We're not surprised. 

If you live in a place in which you can manage with other forms of transportation, do it! Think of what you are doing to help the environment and to keep roads uncluttered.

When we set out to do our original stint of long-term travel, years ago, we figured we'd get rid of our car before hitting the road. Honestly, I think we were more motivated by worry over something happening to our car than we were by something more honorable.

When we returned – and realized that heavy travel would in some way be a permanent part of our lifestyle – we decided to see how we'd do without a car in Seattle.

It was a surprisingly simple transition.

Living in a lively neighborhood and about three-miles from downtown, we're able to easily get where we need to via mass transit. When we need a car, we rent one. We flex our travel planning muscles to secure great deals, sometimes as low as $3/day.

The amount of travel we do can be pretty eco-unfriendly. We don't need to add to that by mindlessly having a vehicle we don't need.