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For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

We've Raised...

NVR Guys

As we dive fully into July (really, is it July?), a big thanks to everyone who left their best advice (in lieu of comments) in support of our push to donate some moolah to charities we love.

So far this year, we've been able to donate nearly $5000. We're thrilled. 

We made one of our core values, giving back, a priority during June and had a great time doing so. As it was Gay Pride month, we put a special amount of focus on LGBT-friendly charities that we're fond of. Most noteworthy, we had a fantastic time raising funds and advocating for Broadway Cares. We even got to attend their signature event, Broadway Bares, in New York City Last month. What a blast!

Scroll through our posts from June, and you'll bump into some of the other charities that we like to give our attention to. Maybe you'll find one of interest.

And – before too long – we hope to be able to share news about another charity-centric event we've gotten ourselves into. We can't get into the details just yet, but we're excited to share them when we're able.

Much of last month's focus on advocacy was motivated by the killer Find Your Storybook assignment that Expedia gave us. While that project had a huge travel component, we wanted to take the opportunity to lean into this element of our story.

Also, if you haven't checked out our post on Huffington Post, please go have a look. It's a piece that summarizes our journey. We dig it because, well, it's a part of our path that we haven't gotten into before. 

Consider the story you are writing just by living your life. Is it the story you want to be telling?

Since we're now posting daily thoughts/tips on maximizing life/travel/work, there's no need to leave a comment. Instead, please pop in your best advice over on this page. Thanks!