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Laid Back

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For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

Laid Back

NVR Guys

We loved the beauty and the chill vibe of Molokai. We were recently there for a media campaign. 

Locals ability to maintain a relaxed pace is admirable. Everyone we talked to (at least those who live there) points to that pace as a core reason for their being on the island. 

On island, we had the chance to visit Molokai Plumerias and chat with the owner, Dick Wheeler. Dick is a warm, quiet guy who strives to keep things simple. He wants to deliver quality plumeria products (via FedEx) to excited clients across the USA.

He doesn't get bogged down by complicated processes, and he keeps 95% of his production to straightforward yellow.

We really appreciate what Dick, and others like him, do on the island to keep living simple. Heading to Molokai? Be sure to get in touch with Molokai Plumerias for a tour / lei-making session.

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