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No Vacation Required Podcast

For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

Helping Others

NVR Guys

At times, when we temporarily think we've got it rough in the USA (usually when we get irritated by a law!), we swiftly remember other parts of the world – many other parts of the world, actually – where freedom is just a fantasy. To many, freedom is a blur of a word or a luxury found only in far off places, among well connected people.

Freedom is a premium luxury. A majority of the world's citizens are also without much lesser comforts. Take mere choice for instance. Decision making is not a commonly exercised muscle among those who live in survival mode, worrying about the next meal and, say, a child's education. To them – those people living under the stifling weight of poverty – mere choice is absent and freedom is unheard of.

Heavy though it is, that truth is a big part of the equation that informs our NVR lifestyle. We regularly take a mindful moment to mingle with the truth that we are, comparatively speaking, masters of our own destiny. That extraordinary freedom keeps us in check in a couple of big ways. We have a responsibility... 

–to live big, full lives.
–to, along the way, be mindful of cultivating the conditions that ease the strife of those living outside of the circle of opportunity.

We live big because we have the ability to do so. We exercise our freedom because we can. We help others because it's our duty.

Since we're now posting daily thoughts/tips on maximizing life/travel/work, there's no need to leave a comment. Instead, please pop in your best advice over on this page. Thanks!