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The Intersection of Life, Work, and Travel

No Vacation Required Podcast

For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

The Intersection of Life, Work, and Travel

NVR Guys

Aloha from Oahu!

It’s Mailbag Monday!

Since most of the content here on NVR is inspired by the questions we get, we've decided to really embrace it. Rather than crafting posts with these questions as our muse, we’re going to cut the pretense and cop to the fact that we’re answering a question. Staying true to NVR’s vibe, we’ll pretty much stick to our take on questions that relate to maximizing life, work, and travel. We also have a few zingers that we want to address. Have a question? Send it off!

Q: I understand that your virtual business is in consulting, but I don’t understand how travel plays in. When you are traveling, are you usually on some kind of paid writing assignment for that side of your life?

A: What’s happening on our current journey is somewhat representative of how things often work, so we’ll use it as an example.

We came here to Honolulu to meet a client. We scheduled the visit strategically so that we, as travel fanatics, could maximize our time on Oahu. For instance, we ran a half marathon yesterday.

So, this visit to Oahu was planned entirely on our own using our long-held “work from wherever we are” model. Since most of our consulting projects are virtual, we’re always working on our entire portfolio of projects as we travel around (or recharge in Seattle, our home base). This is a fairly rare situation where we also happen to be meeting with a client face-to-face; it does not mean that our other work stops.

All that means that this is not sponsored travel. We selected and paid for our own hotel and flights. This is the way we like a majority of our travel to be – just like it was many years ago, before we were travel writers.

As is often the case, we were lucky to have many potential travel partners reach out with all sorts of offers on Honolulu. While we declined most of them (including hotel offers), we did partner up for a few “extras” – a couple of meals, a couple of activities, etc.

Why would we decline anything?

Because we only want to do things that are the right “fit” for us.

We’d be doing ourselves (and our readers) a disservice to do otherwise. Far to many individuals in the travel community lose sight of their own travel desires and begin to merely pop from one sponsored travel journey to another. Not us. We want to keep our own passion for travel alive by doing what we want to do. If that aligns with something potential sponsors are offering, great. If not, no problem.

Soon, we’re going to be heading directly to New York City from Honolulu. There, it’s the same situation. We’ll be meeting with a client and capitalizing on it by getting our travel fanaticism on while in the city.

Taking full advantage of the situation, we’ll be writing a couple travel stories and will also be working on a “giving back” project for a charity we’re big fans of.

Our approach varies, but you can always be sure that all of our travel aligns with who we are and a majority of our travel is 100% self directed.

Here are some shots from Oahu.