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Monthly Challenges

No Vacation Required Podcast

For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

Monthly Challenges

NVR Guys

It’s Mailbag Monday! And we're off to Hawaii!

Since most of the content here on NVR is inspired by the questions we get, we've decided to really embrace it. Rather than crafting posts with these questions as our muse, we’re going to cut the pretense and cop to the fact that we’re answering a question. Staying true to NVR’s vibe, we’ll pretty much stick to our take on questions that relate to maximizing life, work, and travel. We also have a few zingers that we want to address. Have a question? Send it off!

Q: I love the idea of a monthly challenge. How did your Nutrition challenge work out? What's your favorite challenge to date? I need inspiration.

A: Talking about this monthly ritual of ours is a new thing here on NVR. If you know us, we've probably talked about some of the different challenges we've gotten ourselves into. March's Nutrition challenge was motivated by the fact that we're doing a half marathon later this week. Gulp.

While nutrition was the focus of the challenge, there was also a heavy fitness component, as our goal was to be as prepared as possible for the running event. Well, just the other day, we had our final long training run (about 13 miles). We came in at about an 8:20/mile pace. Fine by us!

While some challenges are more difficult than others, we really do like all of them. We were just talking about this, though, so I'll say that our 31 Things challenge – which we've done a couple of times now – is a frontrunner. It's also a good one for anyone looking to join in.

It's easy. 

The rewards are huge.

Bottom line... You do one nice / decent / kind thing a day for a month (beyond what you ordinarily do as part of your day).

Here's a rundown of what we did one month.

1. Helped a friend with a project.
2 Reached out to 3 old friends.
3 Told someone they were good at their job.
4 Talked to stranger & complimented a neighbor.
5 Gave a gift card to an excellent service person.
6  Rented a hybrid car.
7  Offered to take pictures others.
8  Wrote a thank you card.
9  Served as advocates for an LGBT issue.
10 Picked up trash in a park.
11 Warned people about a problem.
12 Made strangers laugh.
13 Helped a friend who needed an ear.
14 Made peace.
15 Bought a stranger a beer.
16 Rallied or a cause.
17 Marketed for a good cause.
18 Personally thanked a performer for a great performance.
19 Appreciated dinner hosts.
20 Gave up a seat on the bus.
21 Gave up workout machine for someone else
22 Offered a discount to perspective client.
23 Changed plans to help out a friend.
24 Committed to driving safely.
25 Picked up trash on the street.
26 Wrote letter of recommendation.
27 Sent a follow up e-mail thanking someone.
28 Gave something to a friend in need.
29 Gave up parking spot.
30 Started convo with neighbor on flight.
31 Praised physical therapy staff.

That's it. Give it a shot!

During April, we're practicing the nearly impossible art of not complaining. It will be a bit easier because we'll be in Hawaii. What's to complain about. Let's hear it for timing!

Wish us luck. We'll report out at the end of the month.

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