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Career Advice for Twenty Somethings

NVR Guys

It’s Mailbag Monday!

Since most of the content here on NVR is inspired by the questions we get, we've decided to really embrace it. Rather than crafting posts with these questions as our muse, we’re going to cut the pretense and cop to the fact that we’re answering a question. Staying true to NVR’s vibe, we’ll pretty much stick to our take on questions that relate to maximizing life, work, and travel. We also have a few zingers that we want to address. Have a question? Send it off!

Q: What's a piece of career advice for a lost 24 year old.

A: That's an easy one.


Experiment with everything that interests you.

It wasn't long ago that people just out of college (or high school) were encouraged to quickly settle down and dig into a decided-upon career track. To be clear, I'd never call that bad advice.

However, for many people it's just not practical. 


Well, most of us are never taught how to figure ourselves out. Since that's the most important thing you can do in life, that often ends up happening in our twenties. Oftentimes – if you've dug into a career while all that "figuring shit out" is going on – your self discovery causes you to then need to make a bunch of changes. Problem is, you feel tied to this career track you jumped into. You hold on tight and end up having a sad, sad crisis in your thirties or forties or – and please don't let this happen – fifties.

So, try out a lot of jobs, experiences, etc. that interest you.

Don't be irresponsible.

Oh, and by all means don't go way in the other direction where you become a plastic bag blowing in the wind. That's even sadder.