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5 Things You Don’t Know

No Vacation Required Podcast

For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

5 Things You Don’t Know

NVR Guys

This is pretty much a housekeeping post to address some questions we’ve been getting over the last few months. When we start to a get of handful of the same questions, it’s clear that it’s time (and helpful) to address them.

Sometimes, the questions serve as a reminder to us that the topic is something we’ve never addressed. Other times, though, the question addresses something we’ve already gotten into (but probably haven’t done a good enough job pointing people to).

So, here goes… 5 things you don’t know. Or, more accurately, 2 things you don’t know, 2 things we haven’t made it easy for you to find, and 1 thing we keep delaying an answer to. 

1) Why did you give No Vacation Required a major overhaul. 

Although this site design is pretty new, the need to do an overhaul arose in late 2012. Yep, a long time ago.

Bottom line… Our traffic was getting quite heavy (making things sluggish), and we simultaneously learned that we had some kind of database error. Approximately 70% of visitors were unable to connect to the site. Major bummer.

We spent the majority of 2013 troubleshooting little things and – with limited time and our consulting business to run – trying to get our arms around what was happening. We made little fixes, but those only brought that “unable to access site” problem down to about 50% of the time. Because our Wordpress theme was apparently carrying around a bunch of gunk and our little fixes were doing nothing significant to resolve it, we made the decision to switch themes. We switched up Wordpress themes a couple of times, actually. Once again, though, too many visitors were left unable to access our site.

Tired of it all, we finally made the decision to ditch Wordpress completely in favor of the "walled garden" that is Squarespace. We needed to get rid of all of the gunk by essentially starting fresh.

It was a lot to deal with.

Redoing the site completely and starting from ground zero was no fun. Losing a huge chunk of traffic over this last year+ was no fun.

Having a problem free site is very fun.

Stay tuned because we’ll now be working on building things out over the coming months.

2) How do you make money? How can you work from anywhere in the world?

This is a theme that we actually get into quite a bit around here.

Although there are a lot of “digital nomads” *eye roll* out in the world, we’ve learned that our model is very uncommon. A lot of people – particularly in the travel space – make money by cobbling together freelance writing, website monetization, and other stuff in order to travel as much as possible.

We work as virtual HR and Career Development consultants (using the skills from our previous lives), as we travel the world. The number of times we get this question served as the motivation for our starting a FAQ page a couple of years ago. Check it out. We know, maybe you tried over the last 18 months and were unable to access the page. Thankfully, those days are over (for clarification, see # 1!). See, we can even laugh about it now.

3) How do I, like you guys, translate my career into something I can do from anywhere?

This is another topic that we get into all of the time. Unfortunately, people don’t like what we have to say. So people repeat the question.

Scratch that.

People like what they hear, but it’s not what most people want to hear. So they repeat the question.

We live in a time – with quickly advancing technology and increased speeds of, um, everything – where people want equally fast change when it come to their personal lives and careers. There is no “fast track” to your personal and/or professional success and happiness.

So, first, (spoiler alert: this is the part that people hate to hear) you have to be sure you’re doing what you’re meant to be doing. Only then can you differentiate yourself enough to build a virtual business that thrives.

We also get into this on that FAQ page, and you can also check out these posts, among others:

Life's Greatest Challenge

Life's Tough Questions

Differentiate Yourself

4) How do you live together 24 hours a day?

This is something we keep saying that we’re going to get into, but we keep putting it off because we want to go deep.

One thing we can share in this little space is that we always work to keep our relationship alive and moving forward. We consistently challenge – literally, challenge ourselves with little missions – to improve how we communicate and relate. Doing so also helps us to keep things fresh and dynamic.

Aside from that, we’ll again say: stay tuned.

Womp womp.

5) Where are you traveling to next? 

Our life moves fast.

About two years ago, we decided it needed to slow down a bit (or else we were destined to live the very life we had escaped). As part of that, we tried to quit projecting (er, worrying about) what was going to be happening too far out. Plus, we used to widely discuss things like our travel plans way in advance and then have to waste all sorts of time explaining why things changed / fell through. It was tiring. 

So, unless something is right in front of us (a week or two out), we know it will probably change. We try not to blab until we know it’s firm.

The best part of this? It makes it much easier for us to “live in the moment"

Back to living in the moment. In Las Vegas.