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Flying First Class on Emirates

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Flying First Class on Emirates

NVR Guys

Why You Should Earn Airline Miles is a much less braggy title than our second choice (which ended up winning out): Flying First Class on Emirates.

Whichever you prefer, don’t worry. This post does double duty.

Many years ago, we got tired of earning airline frequent flier miles. We had attained a decent status on American Airlines and were in jeopardy of losing it as the qualifying year was drawing to a close. Having a close look at the benefits, we decided it wasn't a priority for us and decided to let it go. 

Flash forward a couple years. The economy was crumbling, airlines were failing (and adding fees), and we were ramping up the pace of our travel.

All good reasons to jump back into the frequent flyer miles accruing mix. It was a smart move.

As travel junkies, we both have a childlike fascination with uncovering a new destination, researching attractions, scouring for deals, you name it. We also love a good travel hack and pride ourselves on knowing many tricks of the trade.

As members of Alaska Airlines’ Mileage Plan, we enjoy many perks: decreased fees, priority access, upgrade eligibility. All of those, alone, are reason enough to join a plan.

Today, however, we’re talking about an often forgotten about benefit – good old mileage accrual for free flights. As accrual strategists, we’ve gotten good at maximizing our milage intake while also maximizing the bang for our milage buck.

On our way over here to India and Southeast Asia, we decided to reap the benefits of our mileage masterminding. We used miles to get ourselves in on the gold standard of air travel – Emirates A380 First Class. Here’s a rundown of photos that details (some of) our experience flying from Los Angeles to Dubai. 16+ hours of pure travel porn. 

First some shots we posted to Instagram:

This was at the end of the flight. A long story – for another day – explains how we ended up wearing those trademark Emirates hats.

First, here's what happens immediately upon boarding. The champagne (the good stuff!) starts flowing, and you learn about the perks of first class – one of the biggies being the Emirates A380 Shower Spa.

Next up, coffee and dates. We said "yes!" to all caffeine, as we didn't want to fall asleep during this experience (valued at $39,000/pp). This is my "Can you believe this?" face. 

Here's a shot of the A380 Shower Spa. There are two for first class passengers.

Because we had horrible weather during our flight, it ended up being about two hours longer than planned. The drama of the turbulence we encountered is, like our wearing those hats, enough to fill another post.

Okay, back to some pictures.

Here's a slideshow that tells more of the story of our journey over here...

Honestly, this could be a 5-part post, but these pictures give you an idea. Sadly, we lost more than half of our pictures and all of the video we shot. Bummer.

Send off an e-mail if you have any questions.

Now, go sign up for your preferred airline's loyalty program. We highly recommend that Emirates be in the mix.