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For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

The Secret to Chaos Free Travel

NVR Guys

Our travel schedule can be a little crazy. We know... tough life.

For example, we recently travelled to Maui to gather information for a travel article. While we always carve out time for fun, this was not (completely) a pool time, mai tai, and shave ice kind of trip; we had some work to do. In fact, our visit covered five properties, numerous restaurants, several shows, and lots of meetings with property leadership and cultural advisors.  

Needless to say, it can be challenging to keep all of the travel details organized. But we have a not-so-secret weapon in the fight for organizational supremacy. Here are a few ways in which we use Microsoft OneNote to pull off our travel-heavy lifestyle without missing important details or key deadlines…

The heart of our travel planning system is a comprehensive ‘Packing and To Do List.’ This list represents the first page of every location-focused tab in our Travel notebook and keeps us from having that horrible “did I lock the back door?” moment that can ruin a trip before it barely gets started.

Packing and To Do List.png

*That is just a small section of a very in depth travel checklist.

We also have a ‘Transportation’ page under each tab where we keep all the details for getting around, such as flight reservations and car rental information. If we are traveling out of the country where we won’t be able to rely on our worst travel crutch – the Maps app on our iPhone – we will drop some key directions and maps into this section.

* “Complimentary or mileage upgrade” = some of our favorite words.

It can be nearly impossible to remember all the components of a great meal or ingredients of a craft cocktail, so we use a ‘Restaurants’ page to keep photos of the menu and take notes about the meal. If you see us in a restaurant, you will now know why we are photographing the menu like a pair of cold war spies over confidential documents.

Because we tend to write about a lot of our travel, we have a ‘Photos’ page for each trip where we keep pictures that we will likely use. This keeps us from having to go through the thousands of pics (if you count fat-thumb ‘burst-mode’ series of the same photo) we end up taking on a trip.

* We promise that these photos represent a work trip.

An ‘Events / Experiences’ page is a perfect spot for us to keep pre-planning notes on things we might want to do or see (like hiking Haleakala or seeing a slack-key concert). It also provides us with a centralized spot to keep all of our reservation notes so we don’t have to search for emails or *gasp* print things out (although we are barely old enough to remember when that used to be how you got information off of your computer).

Let’s be honest, travel is not always easy. Even if your travel schedule is not as robust as ours, you still need a system to keep all of your details and plans in order. We recommend OneNote because it is simple, flexible, and synced across all of our devices. That last part is key; it means when one of us asks “what flight are we on?” or “which city are we in?” we have quick access to the answer.

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