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Traffic Jam

NVR Guys

The other day we were heading to the gym and, along the way, ran into a random, massive traffic jam.

As it was the weekend and a residential neighborhood, we were totally baffled by what could possibly be causing traffic to wrap around an entire block and beyond. Unable to shake our curiosity, we later Googled the situation and learned that the pileup was due to a church giving away 1500 turkeys to those in need.

Something about that really struck us. 

We're 100% aware of poverty in the United States and the fact that the "lower class" is growing as the middle class disappears. In fact, helping to turn this sad reality around is a core mission of ours. Even so, seeing this traffic jam – caused by a flood of people competing to get a turkey – was profound.

As we move further into the holiday season, let's not forget that many people in the United States and across the globe struggle day after day. This season, if you are able, please carve out some time to help out our co-world-citizens who are fighting to stay above water. In a world with so much wealth, no one should be without food or shelter.

At a loss for how to help? Here are a few suggestions.

1) It's World AIDS Day, so it's a great time to mention an organization that we worked closely with this year: Broadway Cares Equity Flights AIDS.

2) CARE is a leading humanitarian organization, working to eradicate poverty worldwide.

3) Share Our Strength is working to ensure that every kid in the United States gets the nutrition they need.

All of the organizations above are our Charities of Choice for the year. We know them well; they do great work. We've advocated and raised money for them during 2014 as part of our NVR Project. Learn more here.

If you are in the mood to support an organization that is creating a positive, inspiring buzz around the world, Check out Inspiration Campaign. We got to know them well this year and love the message they are spreading around the globe.

Before closing, we want to let you know how grateful we are to have those we love in our lives. We're grateful, too, for healthy bodies, clear minds, and all of the fortune that comes from being born in a prosperous country. We acknowledge that gratitude each and every day. 

Life is short, and we're all in it together.

Share your love this holiday season!