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For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

The Office That Travels With Us

NVR Guys

When Microsoft approached us to be spokespeople, we thought they might have made an error. We politely let them know that, while we have been long-time power users of Office, we are deeply entrenched in the Apple hardware eco-system (read: vocal Apple fan boys).

They said that was okay.

We were intrigued. 

Short story even shorter, Microsoft wanted us to share how Office 365 – regardless of the platform we run it on – enables our No Vacation Required lifestyle.

Since we only promote things that genuinely resonate with us – things we can put the full weight our voices behind – we say no to a lot of "opportunities." This time we said yes. We are now official Office 365 Brand Champions, but we’ve held the unofficial version of that title for a long time. Here is why:  

We need tools that are as agile and mobile as our unconventional life.

On average, we spend about half the year on the road. Our work doesn’t stop because we’re sleeping in castles in Spain, eating our way through SE Asia, or hiking through Glacier National Park. That means we need feature-rich tools that work both on- and off-line, as well as across all of our devices. We also need the security of being able to access our information from any computer in the not-so-unlikely case that we are, um, relieved of our devices on the road. 

As business owners, we are fanatical about our customers’ experiences.

When we founded our location independent consulting business, we knew that we needed to create the simplest and most comfortable customer facing processes possible. Because we were taking a novel approach – working almost completely virtually with our clients – we had to find tools that clients both trusted and were already familiar with.

We’ve yet to find a better, more comprehensive suite of productivity tools.

Efficiency is key to the life we live; if we are going to have time to run a thriving business and see the world, we’ve got to keep things tight. Knowing that, we are constantly evaluating our processes and the tools we use. Despite giving just about every new productivity solution a fair shake – including taking iWork and Google Apps for a spin – we have simply not found software that offers the same power, usability, and flexibility.

Over the coming months, we’ll be sharing more about how Office 365 helps to facilitate this No Vacation Required life of ours. Also, we've been keeping an eye on the Microsoft Surface ever since it was introduced a few years ago. The latest, the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, is looking really solid to us. Stay tuned to see if we make the switch. It could happen!

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