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The Perfect Weekend

NVR Guys

Over the coming days we'll be recapping our Southern Foodie Road Trip by sharing our highlights from the entire experience (in no particular order). 

It's always ideal to visit a destination at the "perfect" time. That's what happened with the timing of our visit to Nashville. I can't imagine visiting Music City at a better time. We were there over a killer weekend. Both the Music City Food and Wine Festival and the Americana Music Festival were going on. We were guests of both festivals but wouldn't hesitate to go back on our own in future years.

One evening, while walking between downtown events at both festivals, we couldn't help but notice that the city was *on fire* – lots of hustle and bustle and something going on in every doorway. The weather was ideal, the vibe was just right; it was (and this is not hyperbole) perfect.

Plus, it didn't hurt that we had friends guiding our path over the entire weekend. We were well taken care of. We almost don't want to go back to Nashville for fear that we can't top the weekend we had. But I don't think we'll be able to stay away.

You can read our blow-by-blow of this adventure over on Expedia, where we posted daily dispatches.

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