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Surprise Destinations

NVR Guys

This week, we're sharing the highlight reel from our recent Southern Foodie Road Trip.

The beauty of road trips is that they oftentimes force you to check out places that might not be on your radar. In addition to all the random places we stopped for fuel and a bite to eat, we had the chance to make a longer stop in a destination we had never thought of visiting: Knoxville, Tennessee

We did not know what to expect from Knoxville, but (just in case we weren't won over) we were happy to see that it's located only a short drive away from Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

We thought we might like Knoxville; we did not expect to love Knoxville. 

Much of our visit was hosted, and we were treated like kings. We got a firsthand look at the dining scene (in keeping with the theme of our road trip), spent a lot of time running around the city (literally), and even had a backstage pass to check out the gorgeously restored Tennessee Theatre.


Pictures from Great Smoky Mountains NP will have to wait. We just got a private tour of the *gorgeously* restored Tennessee Theatre. Check it out y'all! #Tennessee #Knoxville #arts @tntheatre @visitknoxville

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As outdoors / fitness enthusiasts, we were especially impressed with the urban wilderness scene. You know how much we like Missoula. Well, we're toying with the idea of naming Knoxville the Missoula of the East. I know... a big honor – not to be taken lightly :) 

You can read our blow-by-blow of this adventure over on Expedia, where we posted daily dispatches.

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