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Create Your Own Reality

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For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

Create Your Own Reality

NVR Guys

If there were an award for how to not go about achieving your big yearly goal, we'd probably win in.

Our early-2014 progress toward streamlining – our mantra for 2014 – was abysmal. In fact, away from Seattle and feeling like we were *always* in "catch up" mode for a majority of the first part of the year, we felt as though we were backsliding in nearly every category. Nothing like focusing on streamlining when your world is getting bigger and bigger.

Ah… All of the big plans and grand designs we had lined up for 2014 (thoughtfully constructed in late 2013), and we were blowing it by the end of January. I won't even tell you what our assessment of it all was in early July. Not pretty.

Let's not confuse our mess-of-a-time navigating streamlining / goals with unhappiness or dissatisfaction or overarching failure.

On the contrary, 2014 has probably been our best year ever. We just needed some breathing room in order to regroup.

We cancelled a lot of late summer travel (South America) in order to catch up on life and to feel slightly less annoyed about our lack of intended progress toward our goals.

We did a lot of work on (and remodeling of) Casa NVR.

We cooked our favorite meals.

We caught up with family and friends.

We started watching The West Wing. Yes, started.

We wrapped our arms and minds around our booming business.

We had someone who knows what the hell he's doing with a camera take (600!) photos of us.

We made a pizza cake. Really.

We went on a secret business trip  on which we instigated a "no social media" rule.

We embraced community events here in Seattle.

We popped down to Portland.

We popped up to Vancouver.

We perfected a 5-layer chocolate / peanut butter bar.

We hiked.

We sat and watched the Puget Sound, coffees in hands.

Jeez. Just go to Instagram. It's pretty much all there.

When we got back from a recent re-dabbling in travel – a Southern Foodie Road Trip – we started to map out what Q4 travel would look like and what our goals might be for 2015.

Let me just say that, based on 2014, we were not feeling all warm and fuzzy about the goal-setting process.

And then we found ourselves temporarily distracted by a squabble in our business world. Peers were arguing about shit that they've been arguing about for years; we're talking about the kind of squabbling that's fruitless, soul killing, and time consuming. We were similarly distracted by the constant-but-we-manage-to-stay-out-of-it bitching and moaning in the travel writing/blogging community. The same personalities, following the pack and complaining about the same clunky landscape that's been complained about for years.

Everything seems to stand still. Like when you go back to your hometown and no one has changed. 

And then it hit us.

Despite the setbacks and the unexpectedly twisting and turning path we're on, we make progress. Significant progress.

We dream big, so we're not always going to hit the targets we hope to. Plus, because the life we're living is unscripted and definitely unconventional, random things are going to come up and challenge us.

Not many people do what we do. There is no template.

So, well into October, we feel pretty good. Actually, we feel great. Despite our zig-zagging path,  we are way ahead of where we were last year. Our problems are "good" problems. Like being able to say "no" to clients – that's a good problem.

We're ready to hit the road for most of the rest of the year, and our goals for 2015 are 80% firm.

We look forward to making questionable progress, just as we did in 2013 and just as we'll do in 2016. But we'll eventually find satisfaction in knowing that, overall, we're making  tremendous progress and that we own our own reality.

You'll never find us standing in place debating the status quo with the rest of the pack.

We'll be making things happen. It 's just that it won't likely unfold as envisioned.

We're getting more comfortable with that.

We're going to be doing some tweaks to the backend of the site, so we apologize for any site glitches and delays in posting over the coming period. More on what's up is here.

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