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A Perfect Night in NOLA

NVR Guys

Few things are better in life (or travel) than those moments during which everything is "going your way."

You know... it's the perfect, unplanned New Years Eve that can't be duplicated (and will ruin all the rest for you); it's the perfect birthday; it's the holiday spent doing exactly what you want to do.

Those days are no less valued when on the road. The thing is... they're even tougher to come by when away from home. Oftentimes, when traveling, so many things are contingent on other things that we just get used to things not going perfectly and rolling with it. It's part of the fun.

Every so often, though, magic occurs, and things are flawless.

That's what happened for us one night in New Orleans. Even better, it was totally unexpected.

As people in the travel space, we get treated to some very special things. We don't take it for granted, and – as a matter of fact – we work hard to ensure we only sign on for experiences that are right in our pocket. So, to have a day (or a night) that exceeds the normal version of "special" is a real pleasure.

Weird circumstances had us running late as we were heading out for our first night in NOLA. The moment we walked into Doris Metropolitan we felt right at home. We were treated a a bunch of sips that got our evening started right. Check out these margaritas piled high with salt foam.

The atmosphere was just right – a little bit of hustle and bustle but not too crazy.

Feeling a little buzz from those cocktails, we walked across the French Quarter, to Domenica, for dinner. We had no idea what to expect, but I can tell you that we weren't prepared for how much we loved it. Here again, we were treated to a sampling of items from the menu. We love Italian food, so we were in heaven (and, yea, probably should have been expecting to fall in love with the place).

Highlights were the cauliflower (which we detail on Expedia - link below), squid ink pasta with blue crab and herbs, fried kale with pine nuts and tomatoes, and the canoli cake.

Here again, the vibe was on point – happening but not overwhelming. 

As if those two places we're enough, we got to cap the night listening to jazz at the legendary Preservation Hall.

You can read our blow-by-blow of this adventure over on Expedia, where we posted daily dispatches.

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