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For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

Hits and Misses

NVR Guys

Kent: I am having second thoughts. I don’t think we should move. Caanan: Neither do I.

And just like that, we reversed our big decision. 

Years ago – pre NVR – we were both much more uncertainty-adverse – not afraid of change or the uncharted but certainly not comfortable to the degree we are now.

A significant part of this life we’ve created is about always moving forward. Oftentimes, that means a good deal of change is all up in the mix. Because change is a roadblock for many people, we’re routinely asked about how we manage to embrace the unknown and how we come to terms with uncertainty. At times, inquirers assume that it can lead to a lot of uncomfortable upheaval and even recklessness.

In a way, the change in our lives is quite calculated. That is, we’re all about fulfillment and maximizing life. With those as one's cornerstones, you’re forced to know yourself very well – particularly your strengths and values. That being the case, as you build your self-awareness, you sort of instinctively know what makes sense – what you need to keep in your life and what you need to alter. The more you know yourself, the more you can let your inner compass be your guide. How’s that for getting all woowoo on you?

So, yeah, we’re all about forward momentum and, if necessary, change. In fact, moving was one of the “mysterious” things we were referencing in a post a couple of months ago in which we discussed huge life changes. (And, no, we’re not adopting a kid to all of you who were “sure” that’s what was going on. Thanks, though, for your well wishes and assessment that we’d be awesome parents.)

For the entire story on how we relate to change/uncertainty and how we almost moved (and other changes happening in our world), we need to back up a couple months and cram 5 posts of information into 1 post. Don’t worry, we’ve gotten good at sweeping overviews.

Let’s start on Kauai. Ah, Kauai. During those couple of weeks on a favorite island, we were determined to not let the chaos swirling around us deter us from our commitment to run a half marathon and to fulfill other obligations. Plus, we knew we’d be returning home to a string of family/business obligations.

Kauai 2

While on the island, we thought a lot about making the decision to move. We were certain that we wanted less stuff, and we liked the idea of having even less space to care for (being away from Seattle so much). We also liked the idea of being in the core of the city (right now we’re a few miles away). We couldn’t let too many of the details bog us down. Would we buy another place or rent? How would we ever have the time to prepare our place to sell? We’d figure all of that out. For now, we needed to make a decision.

We went for it.


Despite having lots going on and back-to-back visitors in town, we made progress. We toured a heap of properties and, ultimately, decided to rent an apartment (not buy) in a building that was under construction. On top of that, we got our place all ready to be put on the market and, ultimately, listed.

While this was going on we went to Minneapolis...


…and to Boston and Acadia NP…

Acadia 2

…and to New York City for the NYC Wine and Food Festival. We managed to have a fantastic time. The media kickoff event was on a gorgeous rooftop overlooking the city.

Skyline 2

Here we are with our favorite chef (and having some fun) at the famous Burger Bash.


These shots are from Tacos and Tequila and Todd English’s World Market event. Oh, hey, that’s Todd English doing PR.


Here’s a photo from Bloody Mary Brunch and another from Sunday Slices. We even made our new friends from Voss let us help them work the booth.


We had *zero* time to enjoy our incredible hotel room.

NYC Hotel 2

But we did carve out time for some good friends, a walk on the High Line, and Kinky Boots.


The point of bringing you up to speed in this rapid-fire way is to say that rarely is the timing perfect for change. Things will always be swirling around your life, and you can’t use that as an excuse to resist doing what you need to do.

The point of this is also to let you know that, yes, sometimes things go sour. We ultimately decided that we made the wrong decision, so we backed away from moving. No biggie. Life goes on. We don’t for a second regret doing what we did. Most of the time we get it right; sometimes we don’t. Our overall life design accounts for that reality.

During this period, we’ve also rolled out a new site design (pretty cool, huh?) that will be finalized soon, and we’re cementing some dramatic changes to our virtual business. We’re always operating on many levels, but somehow it all seems doable because we each live with a clear vision for our lives and for our relationship.

So, yes, you too will have hits and misses along the way, as you grow into loving change. Your best defense ---> know yourself; that way the hits will outnumber the misses. Additionally, here are our top three rules regarding change.

1) Avoid irresponsibility. If the change you are considering veers into the irresponsible, it’s not meant to be (for now).

2) Your job is to focus on preparedness. Opportunity will show up.

3) Living fully means taking chances. Sometimes things will get messy. Deal with it and refer to #1. If it's not irresponsible, you'll recover.

What do you want to change in 2014? What's holding you back?