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Kauai Photo Blitz

NVR Guys

Kauai was a success! What? You're not surprised? Here's how it all went down, as told via some of our favorite shots from the adventure.

First off, We had the Kauai Half Marathon to contend with. Thankfully, we arrived only a couple of days prior so had to be on our best behavior for only a short time.

After getting registered and getting our hands on our goodie bags, we did a lot of sitting and drinking fluids. I mean a lot. It happened so often, in fact, that we got pictures of it (looking like Gatorade poster dudes). Honestly, the sitting was good. Remember, we had just come off of 267 miles of training in August, so our legs needed some rest.

Pre Marathon

We also used those first couple days to eat really healthy. Kale and pineapple salad, anyone? The race started at 6 a.m. (yes, you read that correctly), so we had our clothes all set out the night before. Hey, don't laugh. You try getting up at 4:30 a.m. in order to run as fast as you can at 6:00 a.m. – it's not a pretty picture.

Good Boys

Once we hit the finish line, we realized we had done really well (top 100!). We had time to get showered up for a mini photo shoot back at the finish line. Um, yea, that was the finish line.


Then it was time to tear it up. Can you believe they had a guy walking around serving bacon? Wow! We also enjoyed the entertainment and had beer. So what if it was 9 a.m. – there was no stopping us.

Post Marathon

Then we kicked it into high gear and, that very afternoon, embarked on our first of many shave ice adventures.

Shave Ice

Over the coming days there would be cocktails galore.


We spent lots of time on our various lanais enjoying the views and, yes, working. Always working. This life ain't free, yo.

Lanai Time

Of course there were sunrises and sunsets on both sides of the island.


And, since we're not huge ocean guys, pool time... lots and lots of pool time. And macadamia nuts... lots and lots of mac nuts.

Pool Time

We stayed at several places around the island and always found ourselves staring out at the beauty around us.

Looking Out

But... you know us, there's only so much lounging that can be done. We had to get a lot of great hiking in.


Take a look at Kauai. How could we resist?


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