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Our Favorite Hawaii Activities

NVR Guys

Back from our annual outdoor extravaganza, we're now on a plane bound for Hawaii. We're putting all of August's hiking and exercise to good use – we're running a half marathon in Kauai! We'll be disciplined runners for a couple of days, resting up and preparing for the event.


And then! And then we'll dive into what one of our very favorite states has to offer.

Settling into our six hour flight, we were just reflecting on all of the fun we had last time we visited the Aloha State. Ah, we were on Lanai. We've been there a couple of times – once as guests of the Lanai Visitors Bureau – and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves both times.

Here are some of our favorite activities from Lanai. Every island offers a unique experience (which is why you have to experience them all!), but we hope to revisit most of them on this trip.

Jet lag will allow us to witness many sunrises (see how I made that a positive thing). This was shot from our patio on Lanai.


This was our first stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) experience, and it was great (when we stopped looking at our feet). When on Lanai look up Nicholas Palumbo at Lanai Surf School. He's the guy you want teaching you. No question.


You can't visit Hawaii without a little spa action. Check out this oceanside setup for our massages at Four Seasons Resort Manele Bay on Lanai. Ridiculously fabulous.


Trilogy delivered a safe, exciting and informative experience for our first SNUBA experience. One of us is not a strong swimmer and was a bit reluctant, but SNUBA turned out to be a really great experience despite that.


We won't be doing this on Kauai, but we had a blast taking in some archery one morning on Lanai. Lanai Grand Adventures delivered a top-notch experience.


We quickly learned to love the ukulele and hope to jam a bit on this trip.


Food, of course! This fruit/crumble delight was one of our favorite dishes on Lanai. It came from Hotel Lanai, and we are yet to duplicate its quality. We'll keep trying.


This will be a big part of our post-marathon visit --> mai tais. Hey, when in Hawaii.

Mai Tais

Lastly, we love us a good sunset. Lanai's Four Seasons Resort Lodge at Koele has some of the best we've ever witnessed.