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More Pain, More Gain

NVR Guys

After a hurts-so-good hiking adventure in Glacier National Park, we continued up to Alberta to continue the fun. We started just across the border in Waterton National Park. This was shot at the beginning of the International Peace Park hike. We trekked all along this lakeside back into the United States.


The hike oozes symbolism (honoring the friendship between the USA and Canada), and we got teary eyed several times along the way. I keep telling you, we're softies. Anyhow, this is where the hike ends. We got some photos here before jumping on a boat back over to Canada.


Next it was off to Kananaskis. During our short, short stay, we did some exploring and even had the chance to take a introductory rock climbing class. We ended up progressing through the class very quickly and doing a three-person, multi-tier climb. It wasn't too terrifying until we looked down at the very end. Thanks to our awesome guide (pictured here) for keeping us calm.


After a stop in Edmonton for a bit of culture (and a load of laundry!), it was off to Jasper National Park. We were in heaven. Pure heaven. I mean, look at this place.


The setting of our hotel – The Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge – was sensational.


One evening, we even set aside our hiking shoes and went for a paddle.


This shot is from a 13-miler we did up to a pair of lakes.


No picture communicates the magnificence of Jasper quite like this one. This grueling hike, starting near that lake, was so worth it.


During the Canada portion of this awesome outdoor adventure, we were acting in our role as Expedia Viewfinders in conjunction with Travel Alberta. We can't tell you how thrilling it was to do a media visit, highlighting our long-standing favorite place in the world. We feel very fortunate. We only have a few days of rest before zooming off to another one of our favorite destinations. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to check out our progress on our missions for August: #31Things & #ChallengeYourself