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Hurts So Good

NVR Guys

We're into the second week of our yearly outdoor extravaganza and wanted to get some photos posted so that you can see a bit of what we've been up to here in Glacier National Park. First off, it's important to note that we hit the sweet spot weather wise. Last year, due to a wedding, we were out here later in August and had some snowfall on our hikes. In 2011, we came out in July and there hadn't yet been enough of a melt.

So, yes, early August is the sweet spot, and we've taken full advantage of it by being on the trails as much as possible – despite major blister action on day one. Here are a few shots from five of our hikes covering nearly 70 miles.

First up, when we knew the weather and conditions were perfect, we couldn't wait to hit a trail that's been on our wish list for a long time, Dawson-Pitamakan. It was a lung-buster, for sure, but the views made up for it and even compensated for having to spend about a mile (terror stricken) on a narrow, windy ledge at 8000 feet. Don't we make this sound fun!

DP 1

We've hiked to Iceberg Lake before, and it always delivers. This year was no different, and this shot says it all. Snow and wildflowers together = wow.

Iceberg 1

We repeated yet another trail, Highline, so that we could conquer two previously un-hiked offshoots. The short – but almost suicidal – side-trail up to Grinnell Glacier Lookout delivered a spectacular panorama. Can you see the tiny, bright blue glacial pool next to the green one? The view from Swiftcurrent Pass wasn't all that bad either. You can see the perfectly perched Granite Park Chalet – our lunch spot – in the distance.

Grinnell Glacier Overlook
GC 2

Gunsight Lake was another fresh hike for us. The red rock pools and gorgeous colors along the way had us forgetting that there had been bear sightings along the trail. Similarly, the spectrum at the lake could have held our attention for hours if it weren't for tenacious bugs.


Next, it was back to Grinnell Glacier (yep, the one we had looked down at two days prior). This hike has become a yearly tradition because it's stunning from start to finish. Apparently, everyone has gotten the memo, so we need to keep our mouths shut regarding it's magnificence.


We're having a lot of fun – and learning a lot – pursuing our #31Things and #ChallengeYourself missions. Be sure to check out our updates – and a wildlife count – to see what we're up to.