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For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

Fun in San Francisco and Portland

NVR Guys

Several months of nearly non-stop travel has just ended. Here's the scoop on our last couple of stops – two cities we love, San Francisco and Portland. We happened to land in San Francisco over Pride weekend. More specifically, Pride weekend just days after the Supreme Court's LGBT-friendly rulings. San Francisco was on fire with excitement. The vibe around the city was electric.


But, really, our visit to San Francisco was anchored by a concert that we had made plans to attend months prior. Of course, we also did lots of walking – and running! – around the city.

SF Activites

And the food... and coffee... and desserts were memorable as they always seem to be in this food-forward city.

SF Food 2

Really, though, it turned out to be all about Pride. in addition to participating in a variety of activities, we ended up having a fantastic event with Expedia (more on that later) and did a bunch of unusual-for-us things. A highlight was the San Francisco Pride Parade. We joined in the celebration with – get this – 1.5 million people.


Then it was off to our "second city" – Portland. What wonderful timing that our visit there was anchored by a gay wedding. Our friends, Noland and Bryan, know how to do things right. They had an awesome theme, a balloon drop, and even made their wedding registry a giving-back campaign.


We dug the hand-crafted cocktails, specialty cupcakes and the take-aways.


We also got our "run around" on in Portland. We found new places to eat, drink and find donuts. We'll be writing about that over on the Viewfinder blog. Stay tuned.

pdx food

Our favorite Portland activity is simply roaming around our old hometown – checking out everything we love about the Rose City.


Now we're in rest (and work hard) mode for a few weeks. It won't be long until we take off for our favorite yearly adventure – our hiking and camping extravaganza. We haven't yet hammered out the details, but we can tell you that this will be the best one yet.