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What's Gone Down

NVR Guys

Here's what's been happening in the travel corner of our world over the last several months! I think we're in reflective mode because – waiting for the Supreme Court's decisions on DOMA and Prop 8 – we can't help but think about what inspired this whole round of travel in the first place.

In honor of the freshly minted marriage equality here in Washington State, we decided to dedicate 2013's travel to a sort of NVR "best of" list. That means a lot of outdoors stuff, a fair amount of food-inspired travel and a healthy dose of advocacy – all of our favorites. We're calling it our Ultimate Honeymoon.

We kicked things off by finally getting to the top of our hometown's iconic Space Needle.

Space Needle

We then sprinkled in a couple of splurge dining adventures. One just east of Seattle, and one north of Seattle.


We then went to Washington DC for our annual advocacy visit. This year, we focused on – what else – marriage equality.

Marriage Equality

After a lot of fun in DC and other spots on the east coast, it was back to our side of the world for an adventure we've been wanting to do for a long time – a west coast road trip. After hitting Napa and Sonoma, we fell in love with Sequoia National Park.


And we finally got a chance to see what all the hype surrounding Yosemite National Park is about.


Of course, we dug our journey up the Pacific Coast Highway.


Look how happy we are when we're in nature!


Then it was time for Italy. Oh, Italy. We could go on and on. Um, I guess we have gone on and on in previous posts (and if you've seen us in person!). Here, we'll leave it to two words. 1 = landscape.

Italy Landscape

2 = food.

Italy Food

We then had the chance to visit another "wish list" destination – Toronto. We were there for a travel conference. Here's a picture-a-day for each of the days we were there.


As you can see, it was – let's just say – people intense (see how much we were going to miss everyone by day 6?). Anyhow, we got no work done, which didn't make our clients happy. Instead of then heading way over to Acadia National Park in Maine, as planned, we decided to simply pop down to Niagara Falls for some sightseeing, rejuvenation and work.

We couldn't get enough of the rainbows and sunrises and water. Unfortunately, although gorgeous, the area was way too developed to become an NVR favorite.

Niagara - Rainbows : Sunrise

Immediately after returning from the east coast, it was off to one of our very favorite places in the world. Wynn Las Vegas hosted us for a spectacular few days. We'll be writing more about it (unlike other things) but, for now, just know that we 1) had crazy good food, 2) found our new favorite cocktail, 3) went backstage, backstage, at Le Reve (Wynn's big show). It was all incredible.

Las Vegas

And it didn't hurt that it coincided with a birthday!

Vegas Birthday

Home for just a few days, we have a couple more small adventures coming up in this round of travel. Then, we'll be resting up and working hard for a few weeks before our annual hiking and camping extravaganza. This is when we'll really lean into the "outdoors" portion of our Ultimate Honeymoon.

Life is great. We are thankful!

2012 –€“ Glacier National park (Montana)

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