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Our Best of Italy

NVR Guys

Close your eyes and picture Italy's countryside. Got it in your mind? Okay, good. Well, that's not what it's like here in Tuscany today (it's blustery), making it a great time for an update.

This website is usually what we call the "highlights reel," meaning that – despite our intention to go deeper into our travels, etc. – we leave readers with just an overview. Lately, it doesn't even seem as though that's the case.

Thankfully, we've kept the site updated with at least the headlines of this marriage-equality inspired Ultimate Honeymoon we're navigating – rallying in DC, once-in-a-lifetime meals, road tripping the Pacific Coast. Now we're in Italy.

There's a lot going on! Here are some of the headlines, via a few of our favorite shots from the Piedmont region.

Caanan in awe. Yep, this has been a favorite journey.


I mean, come on, check out the place we stayed.


With all of the vineyards surrounding us, we've been doing a lot of watching the vines grow.


It's not just the vines. The spring landscape is gorgeous.



Of course, there's been a lot of gelato and exceptional food.


We attended an incredible wine tasting dinner  – 19 barbarescos to blind taste and score.

DSC_0004 2

Another event was held in a castle with this view.

DSC_0033 2

Two words: pizza night! That's a pizza oven.

DSC_0026 2

We even attended a walking wine/food festival. We enjoyed the views more than anything (and the food set the bar very high).


There was lots of figuring out how to interact in Italian. In this case anything to get our hands on that bruschetta.


Here we are wine tasting at a vineyard. We've become fans of moscato.


And, finally, lots of peace and quiet to counter all of the activity.


And that's just the Piedmont region. There's also Milan. And now Tuscany.

The clouds are clearing. Time to get back out there!

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