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Rallying in the USA

NVR Guys

A lot has been going on. Time to get you all caught up. We're married (in a way that will stick this time). We've started our Ultimate Honeymoon (why not celebrate with a sequence of "best of" travel experiences?). There, you're pretty much up to speed.

For the first segment of our adventure, we were off to the east coast for, perhaps, our very favorite "best of" experience – advocating. We did a lot out east, but the clear highlight was fighting for marriage equality at the Supreme Court building as the Prop 8 and DOMA hearings were in progress.

We got our marriage in Washington state, but the heavy lifting isn't done until our brothers and sisters in other states have the same right, and we all receive recognition at the federal level.

Do you have a cause that you're passionate about? Do you put your voice behind that cause?

This year, we're encouraging people to get involved in making the world a better place – to stop complaining and start acting. One way to get started is by attending a kick-butt rally. Here are 10 tips for rallying success based on our experience in DC.

1) Set your intention. This keeps you from slipping into an unattractive angry or crazy mode.

Why We're Here

2) Get into the spirit by checking out others' signs. You'll see that it's important to make an impression.


3) Have your own sign. We used a couple pre-mades but made an impression (and were jokesters) by kissing under one. It was very fun!


4) Find inspiration in your setting.


5) Get to know what the other side is up to. This further emboldens you. But, again, don't veer into cray cray or angry. That only helps to push undecideds to the other side (thank you Westboro Baptist Church!).

The Other Side

6) Get centered. Getting to know the other side can be mad-making, so take a minute to remember why you're rallying.

Love is Love

7) Scream, chant, whoop. Have fun!

Rallying Fun

8) Don't shy way from constructive debates. This is the beauty of the USA.

Constructive Debates

9) Bond with other attendees.


10) Don't let your enthusiasm wane when you walk away.Take some reminders and plan your next move.

Rally Over

We're all about pursuing – and helping others pursue – fulfillment and maximized lives. One of the best ways to figure out who you are is by putting your voice and actions behind things you're passionate about.

What cause(s) are you getting behind this year?