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No Vacation Required Podcast

For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

Travel Plans + Video!

NVR Guys

Here we are in the blazing, mid-day sun for our video debut. While we wish we would have filmed during golden hour, you take what you can get in Seattle. 

So, yes, it's true. We finally – f i n a l l y – managed to get ourselves to the top of the Space Needle in honor of quite a huge event and a big year ahead.

We're about to take off for an exciting string of travel. We've been working hard and getting our ducks in a row, so we're looking forward to an adventure or two (or probably more).

In keeping with our commitment for 2013, it's bold. We're calling this year's travels our Ultimate Adventure. It's sort of an "NVR Hit List." We're going to be revisiting some old favorites and getting to some new destinations based on all of the things we love best when it comes to travel. For starters, think: food, hiking and advocacy. Any guesses?

Here's a hint. Since we think no other adventure is better than the Great American Road Trip, we've got one coming up quickly. And since any top-notch road trip needs to include a National Park, ours will as well.

Come to think of it, we should be calling this year of adventure our Ultimate Honeymoon. Let's go with that.

One thing, though… We won't be hitting every state as we had talked about at one point. As part of being bold, we've decided that we have to have the smarts to make wise decisions. We've got too much good stuff going on, so we have to scale back a bit. That's one of the big ah-has that came out of our "taking a beat" recently.

Time to finish packing for our first leg of travel.

Before doing so, we want to say that going to the top of the Space Needle totally delivered. It was a crisp, clear Seattle day. Here are a few shots.

Seattle – Space Needle Shots

Now, let the Ultimate Honeymoon begin!


1) Segments of our Ultimate Honeymoon:

2) Several people have asked about what we mean by "married again." We considered ourselves married, years and years ago, when we decided to have a long-term commitment to each other –  this was before "gay marriage" was even an option.  Because we believe it's important to stand up and be counted, we were then legally married several years ago (when it was briefly legal) in Oregon. Not long after, it was annulled. So now, we are married for, essentially, the third time in Washington state. This time, it's expected to stick. More details are here.

3) Don't worry, you didn't miss anything. We did not have a big marriage ceremony. We don't want to dilute the marriage that matters most to us – the first one – by making too big of a deal out of subsequent versions. We may have a big party one day. We're yet to do that!