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Hawaii, We Can't Quit You

NVR Guys

Here's the story of our latest adventure via some of our favorite pictures. Let's start at the end – with this picture.

Caanan and Kent – Uber-relaxed

At this point, at the end of our time on both Lanai (on a media trip) and Maui (on our own), we were relaxed – so relaxed. Honestly, we were pretty chilled out most of the time – playing ukuleles, hanging loose.

The Hawaiian islands do that to you, you know. Looking back, it's not difficult to figure out why we ended up in total-relaxation land.

For starters... the sunsets.

Fairmont Kea Lani – Sunset
Four Seasons Lanai Koele – Sunset
Four Seasons Lanai Manele – Sunset

The properties we spent time on were like an instant injection of calm. Check out these settings.

One of the most favorably located beachfront hotels we have ever stayed at.

Four Seasons Lanai Manele – Property
Four Seasons Lanai Koele – Property
Hotel Lanai – Property
Maui - Wailea Coastline

Truth is, we couldn't escape the views.

At breakfast.

Four Seasons Lanai Manele – Breakfast at 140

While getting massages.

Four Seasons Lanai Manele – Oceanfront Massages

From the balcony.

Four Seasons Lanai Manele – View

Wandering around.

Fairmont Kea Lani – Orchids

Even the ferry that takes you between Maui and Lanai is scenic, and – at this time of year – a whale-watching excursion.


Oh, and when on any Hawaiian island, look up. Don't forget to look up.

Four Seasons Lanai Manele – Evening
Fairmont Kea Lani – Evening

Okay, okay... you can look down when you're eating. Especially dessert. Especially three desserts. Do you see that baked chocolate chip cookie in a skillet (with ice cream)? Seriously.

Hotel Lanai – Lanai City Grille

More to come on all our food, accommodations and fun on Maui and Lanai. For now, we just want to hold onto this incomparable relaxed feeling.

It's no wonder we can't quit Hawaii.