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For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.


NVR Guys

It's January. A new beginning that seemed to descend upon us impossibly quickly. How did that happen?

As I write, we're on our first plane ride of the year. I don't know what to say here.

Flying away from Seattle, I am simultaneously captivated by the gorgeous Olympic Mountains and by my inability to focus. My brain's attention is bouncing between big plans for 2013 (that need to be clinched) and other, fleeting thoughts.


I want to write about loyalty programs. We've said it all before, so I'll just say that it's probably worth joining your preferred airline's program. For the last couple of years we've barely slid into Alaska's lowest tier of "elite" recognition. We got bumped up to first class today. Go sign up. Earn miles. See what happens.

I want to write about friendliness. Our flight attendant is disarmingly warm. She very naturally knows just what people need. Before heaving the door closed for departure, she offered the shivering ramp guy a cup of coffee. "Oh, there's not much in here," she said inspecting the pot. "I am going to make you some more. We've got the time." From my seat, I could see the instant crush he had developed as, a couple of minutes later, she handed him the coffee and secured the door. I bet his entire day was made and that he'll, in turn, propel that warmth forward. I want to learn from her kindness.

I want to write about good fortune. In order to write this, I just put down a book I am reading about India. It's both a riveting and a disgusting read about the underbelly of India's culture. A reminder of just how many people around the world face a daily struggle. A struggle to put food on the table and to remove themselves from poverty. Can you feed your hunger each day? If so, help someone who can't.

I want to write about time. It seems like it was just last week when we were starting our 2013 planning process. In fact, that was several months ago. in October. In Costa Rica. Knowing that, you'd probably wonder why it's still not pulled together. Time baffles me. I want to remember how precious it is.

I want to write about being bold. "Bold" is the big word of the year for us. Truthfully, it was a semi-big word for us last year, so we're ramping it up a notch. After several years at this NVR life, we don't have an excuse to thing any other way. But sometimes it's hard. It's much easier to hide out in a corner. To think small. To delay.

We haven't fully fleshed out 2013, but I can tell you a couple of things. Having just passed the 5th year milestone of NVR-living, we've made some big decisions – decisions regarding things like our favorite adventure and our favorite form of giving back. In the weeks ahead, we'll talk about how those decisions are molding our 2013 – including our plans to embark on both our "ultimate adventure" and our "ultimate advocacy" in the months ahead.

It's going to be a bold year. No doubt.

For now, Vegas!