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No Vacation Required Podcast

For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

Introducing… Our 2013. Finally

NVR Guys

We're thinking that our 2013 planning process worked too well.


Starting back in Costa Rica in October, the dream-scaping juices were flowing so heavily that we actually found ourselves swimming (even mired down?) in goal-setting goodness. Yes, a clear case of too much of a good thing. Yes, there are worse problems to have.

Since BOLD is the word of choice that will be driving our 2013, we felt beholden to assemble a plan that lives up to it. Plus, having celebrated our five year anniversary of NVR living in 2012, there's no room for regressing. For instance, we can't – all of the sudden and with years of practice – fail to at least aim for a brilliant year. After all, we're the guys that strive to continually raise the bar and maximize everything.

So, in an attempt to bring some shape to our overflowing bank of ideas and to not move backwards, we took a cue from what we've learned from the NVR Project - the initiative we implemented in 2012 in honor of that five-year anniversary. As part of the NVR Project's inaugural year, we set out to make some big decisions regarding our "top picks" of the last years. With that, here is some stuff we have plotted to go down as part of NVR Project 2013.

Our Ultimate Adventure

Long story short… we think our home country, the United States, is incredible. In fact, it's our favorite so far. We haven't always felt this way, but the last few years, especially, have us convinced.

Why? Lots of reasons. But at the top of the list: our country's network of National Parks. Plus, we think that few adventures beat a good old fashioned USA road trip.

So, in honor of this big decision, we'll be setting out on our Ultimate Adventure in 2013.

Our Ultimate Advocacy

You know what's sexy? The smarts to pursue an interesting, fulfilled life, and the wisdom to help others out along the way. We're all in this together; why not watch out for one-another?

We want to be sexy.

During the fight for marriage equality in Washington State, we had a major ah-ha moment. We were consistently blown away by all of the straight allies who we witnessed taking on our cause. Advocacy is fantastic. Period. But it's even more powerful when it's outside of your own self interest – when you help someone with a different set of problems. When you're an ally.

We're going to encourage everyone to be an ally.

Just wait until you find out what we have up our sleeves. Hint: it ties into our ultimate adventure.

Other Stuff

Of course, we have all sorts of other goals – business, fitness, etc. – that we won't ever bore you with here, but we do have a few other fun quests that will pop up as the year moves along. One thing to watch out for is MAX LaB, where we'll be bringing a sliver of the virtual work we do (in Human Resources, as Business & Career Strategists) here to No Vacation Required. Also, expect a much more maximization-oriented bent to what we write about here. We're pretty skilled life/work/travel maximizers, so watch for us to get into that much more.

Sending you a big "aloha" from our first state of the year's ultimate adventure (we're not counting Nevada... yet). 49 more to go. And a lot of other stuff.

One thing we know for sure… 2013 is going to be sick-en-ing. And that's a good thing.

Here we go!