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For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

Our 2012 in Review

NVR Guys

Here are some of the highs and lows of our 2012!Favorite "ahhh" travel memory:

Caanan: There were a lot but something about our time in Spain makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Even though we had just been robbed and weren't staying in a great place, the overall feel was so memorable.

2012 – Coast of Spain

Kent: I agree – and I felt that way about a lot of places, like Croatia and Maui – but am going to go with an overriding memory. That great feeling on the road when you're plotting the day ahead over morning coffee. Ahhh, all the possibilities.

2012 – The Perfect Start

Happiest moment:

Kent: Easy. We can now get married in Washington State.

Caanan: You can't top that. Let's honeymoon in Spain (grinning) – look how happy we were.

2012 – Spain

Saddest moment:

Caanan: Nothing big and horrible went down, but so many little moments come to mind. I'd have to say hearing Gerda Weissmann Klein, a holocaust survivor, speak about the power of a passport. Go read her story. So inspiring.

2012 –€“ Gerda Weissmann Klein

Kent: My mind immediately goes to horseback riding in Costa Rica. The horses didn't seem healthy, and I just wanted it to end. It made me sad because I couldn't stop thinking about the shitty positions we – as a society - can put animals in. Never again.

2012 –€“ Horse (never again)

Proudest memory:

Kent: We set a high bar for ourselves this year. I'm proud of our full-on fight for marriage equality and that we got involved in our local community (and shared our love for Seattle). I'm most proud that we advocated in Washington D.C. for non-religious people and for universal healthcare. (We also got to share our best Cherry Blossom Festival photos and details of our visit to curiously swept-aside Section 60 at Arlington Cemetery.)

2012 –€“ DC

2012 –€“ DC

Caanan: We're big on advocating for a food system that works for everyone – so that 1 in 6 people aren't chronically hungry. It starts with each of us. This year we made significant strides towards eating in a way that's better for us and the planet. We still cut loose *a lot* but check out this meatless turkey sandwich, homemade chili and vegan salad.

2012 – Food

Top travel suckerpunch:

Caanan: Having about the best time imaginable in New York City and then watching it all almost fall apart.

2012 - New York
2012 – Shanghai Surprise

What people have no idea about:

Caanan: How frighteningly addicted to music we are. Here are some of our top picks from 2012 (it's our "depressing with a touch of hope" playlist).

2012 – Playlist (depressing yet oddly hopeful)

Kent:  Our weird thing for Crystal Light. That we'll do anything if you give us whiskey. These little nuggets. How we spent 2012 trying to do video and failed with great success.

Another Video Failure

What about photos:

Caanan: Our pictures have gotten much better, but we need to get over our habit of taking pictures of the other person walking ahead.

2012 – Backs in Pictures

Kent: And you need to quit grabbing for the camera, and I need to keep my hands down.

2012 –€“ Hands in the Picture

Funnest surprise:

Caanan: Finding a bar in Seattle that's dedicated to our favorite place, Montana.

2012 Montana (the bar in Seattle)

Kent: It's no secret that we had a great time in Costa Rica. Although it's no longer an "off the radar" place, the diversity of the country and the warmth of its people make it a stand-out destination.  The surprise, though, was that we stayed at two of the coolest places we have ever stayed. Details next year.

2012 –€“ Costa Rica

Most unusual travel experience:

Caanan: Helping a friend move from Seattle to Colorado. Thanks to our friend Holly for supplying us with an early batch of her famous Christmas Crack for the long ride.

2012 –€“ Moving a Friend

What we want to duplicate in 2013:

Kent: During 2012, we stitched all dimensions of our lives together pretty well. Additionally, we actually: were in Seattle when visitors were, made it to weddings (cake!), attended conferences and had destination meet-ups – all rare.

2012 –€“ People and Events

What we don't want to duplicate in 2013:

Caanan: We need to stop searching for Mexican food where ever we are. it's ridiculous. Also, we can get a bit overly-ballsy at times. We need to check ourselves. For instance, during our hiking extravaganza this summer, we got caught in a snowstorm and made some questionable decisions. We should have turned back when snow started falling.

2012 –€“ Glacier/Waterton Peace Park (snowy hike)

Worst of travel today:

Kent: I have a special kind of contempt for the airlines. We had so many horrible experiences this year. I feel like the US carriers, in particular, are falling apart (in many ways). Here's a seat we had on Delta recently.

2012 –€“ Airlines (need help)

Caanan: The entire TSA and security thing seems like nothing but theater. I agree that we need enhanced procedures, but what's happening now isn't working. On a recent international flight, gate-side agents went item-by-item through every piece of baggage.

2012 –€“ TSA Security (needs help)

Favorite picture:

Kent: I had a huge *moment* when we got this shot early one morning at Canyonlands National Park. it was a reminder that – no matter how early, how cold, how nuts – travel is always worth it.

2012 – Canyonlands National Park Utah

Caanan: I am serving up our old stand-by, Glacier National Park. The view, the wildflowers and the trail snaking ahead make me love this picture.

2012 –€“ Glacier National park (Montana)

We are very excited to see what happens in 2013. For now, we have a lot of living left to do in 2012. This week, we're taking off for a first-time adventure – backcountry skiing. We can't wait.

What stands out about your 2012? Let us know in Comments.