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Best of Maui + Holiday Gift Ideas

NVR Guys

Passports with Purpose (PwP) is only around for a few more days. That means the clock is ticking on your chance to 1) make a difference in the world and 2) have a shot at a great prize. Of course, we have a strong bias for our prize – a couple of nights in paradise. Specifically, our partner – Makena Beach and Golf Resort – is offering a 2-night stay with all sorts of extras. Here are all of the details.

Imagine winning the prize.  It would mean you get to chill at a fantastic resort and enjoy Maui. We've been to Maui a few times and always have a wonderful time. Here's our "best of" day in Maui. You know, in case you take the prize.

After breakfast, immediately head for the beach. We find them much more enjoyable first thing in the morning. Easy.

Maui –€“ Beach Time

Next, our "best of" day has you heading upcountry for an off-the-beaten-path lunch experience at O'o Farm. You'll need a break on the way, so stop at Grandma's for coffee and a pastry. You won't regret it.

Maui –€“ Grandma's

The cool upcountry climate will be a welcome relief after getting your fill of sun on the beach. Plus, the bi-coastal views up at O'o Farm are a real treat. The neatest thing about this farm-to-fork lunchtime experience, though, is that you get to connect with the land and harvest some of your meal before sitting down to eat.

Maui â– Oo Farm

All refueled, we recommend that you leave the farm and embark on one of Maui's many hikes. We've done several and haven't had a bad experience yet. Hit us up if you need a recommendation.

Maui –€“ hiking

On this particular dream day, we insist that you wind down with a sunset dinner. We don't do this kind of thing often, but it's always a highlight when we do. This is a picture from our table at Sarento's on the Beach. Yes, we were that close to the water. When you go, have the profiterole dessert no matter what. And then run 5 miles the next day.

Maui –€“ Sunset Dining

If Hawaii isn't your thing (are you crazy?) or if you want to spread the positive vibes, here are some other PwP prizes that have our attention because they involve some of our greatest loves:

–Giving Back: A Kiva gift card from A Nerd at large.

–Montana: A dude ranch experience from Trekaroo.

–Seattle: A night at The Triple Door from Jessica Travels.

Finally, here are some of our top holiday gift recommendations for the traveler(s) on your list:

–Small: The Submission – a book that challenges your world view.

–Medium: Global Entry – make a US citizen's travels smoother.

–Large: iPad Mini – small technology = perfect for the road.

Your to-do list: change the world, win a prize (hopefully!) and make a traveler's day.