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For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

Sweating It

NVR Guys

As I write this, we're sitting in the shade just off the beach near Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica. This jungle setting is a must-do for any visitor to Costa Rica. It's harsh, but it's fantastic. It's been an illuminating experience for us. We're sweating it for more reasons than you might think...

Puerto Jimenez Costa Rica

1) It's hotter than fire down here. Even under a tree. Even in the dead of night.

2) Unofficial election results. Washington State is taking it's sweet time with things. We're all for the legalization of marijuana, but it's disturbing that it's been made official before marriage equality has. I wanted to punch the person who said "it's less controversial" in the face (must be due to #1).

It's looking positive for us, but it's certainly not a done deal. The champagne is, however, chilling.

3) Change can be rough. Yep, even for us. Whenever we get into deep conversations with people who want to – like we have – change their lives, resistance to and/or fear of change is something that typically comes up. Forward, mindful movement takes work. Even as long as we've been getting comfortable with living deliberately every day, the same holds true for us.

We're grappling with big ideas for change right now. All of our work when we first got to Costa Rica – and that we're also doing right now – is paying off. 2013 may be our biggest year yet, but it could also mean a lot of change is on the horizon. All great stuff, but change nonetheless.

As we enter into our last chunk of time in Costa Rica, we're steeling ourselves for what we're plotting. We've got things pretty well mapped out. Now it's time to fine tune and to execute.

We'll never follow a cookie cutter model "just because" it's there, and we rarely align with the rest of the pack in what we do. There's no other way to do it.

It's never easy; it's always worth it.

Join us in going big in 2013!

Are you looking at changing things up? How are you feeling about it?