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Pura Vida Costa Rica

NVR Guys

Life is good. Costa Rica has proven to be every bit as wonderful as we remember, and we're heading back to marriage equality in Washington State. Double win! Before we explode with excitement over the election results, we want to share some of our best photos from Costa Rica. Despite significantly more tourism since the last time we visited, we continue to endorse the country as a must-see destination.

Two things really stand out for us. Costa Rica's residents are among the warmest we've ever encountered, and the country's diversity of experiences is truly staggering.

We kicked this adventure off in "restore and create" mode up in a cloud forest. In addition to being supremely relaxing – an ideal location for  goal setting – it was hiking and waterfall nirvana.


We then moved on to a completely different vibe on the beaches on the west coast of the country.

Costa-Rica-– Beaches

The beaches we're gorgeous and empty. We're not huge beach guys, but we couldn't resist hanging out in the sand. Plus, we got the chance to joke around by perfecting our fake "gay Sandals" promo photo. We took about 100; here is one.

Costa Rica – Empty Beaches

Don't worry, only an occasional surfer may have saw us acting like fools.

Nosara, Costa Rica – a surfers' paradise

The Pacific Coast beaches of Costa Rica were hot, but the heat really picked when we hit the jungle down in the Osa Peninsula. We loved it there where, just like up in the cloud forest , we were focused on closing out 2012 and dreamscaping 2013. Our lodge was all up in the flora and fauna mix. We especially enjoyed the crazy storms and monkeys (yes, often crazy too).

Costa Rica Osa Peninsula – staying in the jungle
Costa Rica Osa Peninsula – rain in the jungle
Costa Rica – brown monkey

Part of our adventure was made possible by the tourism board. Because we love Costa Rica, we extended our stay so that we could take in as much as possible. And there's a lot to take in...

ooh and ahh worthy sunsets.

Costa Rica sunsets

Beautiful flowers, mind-bending bugs/insects and hyper-sized leaves.


Look what we saw from the tiny planes that moved us from destination to destination.


And how could we forget our time up at Arenal Volcano. It included an afternoon enjoying some natural hot springs (from the volcano's geothermal activity), and an against-type visit to the pool bar.


Okay, we'll stop. But not before mentioning Costa Rica's soul-stirring, simple food. From tasty breakfasts to traditional Costa Rican casados for dinner, we loved the availability of fresh, uncomplicated and mostly vegetarian food.

Costa Rican Food

But, let's be honest. Anyone who has been to Costa Rica knows that the best part of the food is drenching everything in Costa Rica's pride and joy – Salsa Lizano.

Last time, we made the mistake of not bringing any back. Not this time. We were just a little excited (people at the store thought we were insane).

Costa Rica Salsa Lizano

Final verdict = pura vida Costa Rica!