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You Are Powerful

NVR Guys

Today, make the decision to do something. Make the decision to take action in order to help in creating the kind of world you want to live in. Your actions – however small – matter, and they will make a difference. If we all do something, imagine the immense impact of our collective effort. Today is Blog Action Day, and it's all about... THE POWER OF WE – people who care, coming together.

Finding inspiration at the Gates Foundation Visitor Center

Several years ago, we decided to be the kind of people that don't just sit around bitching and moaning about the stuff that irritates us. What good does that do? We still complain, but now we turn that dissatisfaction into action.

We decided to do our part in creating a world that's more hospitable for everyone – a world where the circle of opportunity is expanded and where no one is treated like a ghost of society. With that goal in mind, we're huge advocates for education and nutrition for all. Do you know that about 1 billion people are chronically hungry and that nearly the same number of people can't read or write.

Those horrible statistics are a reality in a world filled with so much wealth. It's not right.

One of the first things we did, years ago, was to sponsor a girl in Africa so that she could go to school and receive healthcare. Ailess is now speaking English and is destined for a much better life than many of her peers in Zambia. We also made a contribution so that her family could start a business. Her parents are now successful tailors in the community. They're able to provide food and shelter for Ailess and her siblings.

Ailess and her brothers – Zambia

Since then, we've gotten involved in all sorts of things. Here's our rule: If something excites or maddens us, we try to put our emotion into action.

So, more recently, when litter started to aggravate us, we did something. When our civil rights were put up for a vote, we did – er, are doing – something.

A couple of months ago, we learned more about just how inefficient and harmful it is to raise animals for consumption. We asked you to join in our quest to make smarter decisions surrounding food. Many people committed to participating in Meatless Monday (among other things), and we gave away a knife to one lucky action-taker.

Today, in honor of happiness and Halloween, we want to start another giveaway.  This time it involves chocolate  – because who isn't made happier by chocolate!

In the comments section, just let us know that you're on board. Better yet, tell us what you're doing (or will do) to create a better world. Need an idea? In honor of World Food Day, Check out one of our favorite initiatives: Oxfam's GROW Campaign.

One random person (with a US address) will win a little selection of Theo Chocolate, made 100% ethically here in Seattle.

Theo Chocolate

As we started doing more research on making those wiser food choices, we learned just how much chocolate is made using subpar products and abhorrent practices. We're now in love with the quality of Theo chocolate and the high standards they hold the company to. We think you'll dig Theo too.

So, today, make the decision to do your small part in creating a better world. Are you in? Let us know in comments.