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Restore and Create

NVR Guys

Although we're in Costa Rica, this isn't a post about Costa Rica. It's about what we're up to every year in October / November, and it just so happens that – this year – Costa Rica is the perfect place to do it. It's about dreamscaping the year ahead.

We like goals. We've figured out what kind of goal-setting works for each of us as individuals and as a couple. Super firm goals don't fly for either of us; neither does a "I don't have goals" mentality. We both work well with a loose structure that we use to guide and nudge us. Essentially, we dreamscape huge things, set the intention and then take whatever action feels right in the moment as we work towards those dreams.

A few years back, we figured out the most important piece of our dreamscaping puzzle. We want to share it with you – as an idea you can consider – so that you don't wake up in January feeling rudderless.

You have to find ways to accommodate the "space" for your next big thing / idea / dream to come into your life.

As we approached our quiet, peaceful cottage in the jungle of Costa Rica, we knew it was the perfect place to settle into some major life planning. The deck and the dreamy, verdant cloud-forest view serve up the perfect setting for restoring and getting into creative mode.

Costa Rica
Costa Rica
Costa Rica

Despite the fact that October has been our busiest work month of 2012, we're choosing to take a bit longer with our clients' projects in the interest of getting this important "work" done. After all, if we're not at our best, how can we provide the best work for our clients.

Here's what a typical day is shaping up like here in Costa Rica:

After a solid work session and breakfast each morning, we're heading out into nature to run, hike and explore. We talk and think as little as possible in order to clear our heads and get in the mindset of being open to ideas. After that, we're taking time (often on that patio) to individually jot down notes and ideas – all of the things that came to us during the earlier exploration. We usually break up this session with a walk where we share ideas that we want to bounce off of one another. By now, it's time for a short work session and some dinner followed by a full-on exchange of ideas on the deck (with a drink and dessert). Finally, it's off to bed. A big part of this process is restorative sleep, so we're trying to get a lot of it. Also, when you're in this mode, some of the best stuff will come to you in your sleep.

Your ideal restore & create process will likely work differently than ours. You may do it on your own, and you'll probably spread it out over a longer period (as we usually do). Some tips to get you started:

1) Find a pace that works for your current schedule. Maybe every Saturday afternoon, maybe two evenings a week. Or, like us, you may want to have a power session that involves several consecutive days.

2) Make sure the time you schedule includes periods where  you: 1) shut down your mind, stop thinking and get in nature – a walk in your city/park works just fine & 2) jot down notes – in whatever way works for you – about the ideas that are coming to mind.

3) Examine what kinds of things are popping up. Which ideas have a place in your life? Is your creativity stifled or abundant? What are the ideas telling you about yourself? Do you feel like you are "on track" or sort of all over the board?

Incorporate this kind of activity regularly. We do mini versions of this throughout the year in addition to this type of once-a-year "all in" version.

So... this is what we're really up to in Costa Rica. We're seeing a lot and getting mucho personal/professional stuff done. It feels great. 2013 is going to be magnificent.