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Over Shanghai

NVR Guys

Zooming to Shanghai via high-speed train – 200 mph, yo! – we were buzzing from our hutong experience in Beijing.  Little did we know that things were about to get even better in Shanghai before, unfortunately, getting worse. For now, let's stick to the good news.

We're both skyscraper geeks, so we knew that we wanted to splash out by visiting the observation decks of a few of Shanghai's notorious towers. When we found out that Shanghai's tallest building houses the world's highest bar, we thought "why not" and scrapped the observation deck idea in favor of a new and improved idea. Bar hopping in the sky.

Yes, that would mean that Kent and Caanan were going to stay up past 10:00 PM. Someone call the police.

The plan we masterminded had us set to visit two sky-high bars on the Pudong side on the river (the "new" city w/ the tall tall buildings) before heading to the Puxi side (the "Bund" side with the shorter buildings). Our first stop was Cloud 9, located in the Jin Mao Tower. We had a tasty, expensive old fashioned and took in the view from the 87th floor. Not bad, right?

Shanghai, China at night

We knew things would only get better next door at the Shanghai World Financial Tower.

Shanghai, China at night

We took the elevators up and were blown away by the view we found waiting.

Shanghai, China at night

Even better, we scored a killer table. Yep, we're looking down at the building we had just been in. We knew it couldn't possibly get better than this, so we nixed the idea to go to the other side of the river, opting instead to lean into the thrill we were experiencing at the bar, 100 Century Avenue.

Shanghai, China at night
Shanghai, China at night

After finally dragging ourselves away from our once-in-a-lifetime table and back down the tower, we got one last shot from the street. Here are the two towers we had just been in and the next big thing, The Shanghai Tower, slated to be completed in 2014.

Shanghai, China at night

Aligning perfectly with our theme for October, we walked back to our hotel talking about how that had been one of the happiest nights of our couple-hood. We laughed because it's easy to embrace our "choose happy" mantra when you have a night like that.

Too bad that just a few hours later that happiness would be severely challenged.