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It Gets Better

NVR Guys

It's National Coming Out Day. Our biggest goal while in China was to film an It Gets Better video at the Great Wall. We were eager to, from an awesome place, lend our voices to the chorus of people reassuring bullied, hopeless youth – particularly in the LGBTQ community – that their current struggle will pass.

Great Wall of China

We had planned to spend several of our last days in China visiting different segments of the iconic Great Wall. Unfortunately, my recovering from a surprise bacterial infection put that goal – and pretty much everything else – on the back burner. However, we rallied and focused our positive vibes on the hope of getting there on our last day, if able.

That kind of waiting is very difficult for guys like us, which – not surprisingly – is why we were in the mess we were in in the first place. Being unrealistically optimistic about the early signs of my sickness is what made it significantly more debilitating in the end. Sitting around our hotel room, we passed time by brainstorming themes we wanted to communicate in our It Gets Better video.

Have patience.

Stay safe.

Be kind to yourself.

Love yourself.

During the brainstorming process, it struck me that the two of us – and everyone else – needs to take a version of that advice from time to time. And certainly, impatiently recovering in the hotel room, it was advice I needed to hear.

We did make it to the Great Wall on our last day in China. We shot our It Gets Better video only to find *insert rewind sound* that we had the sound turned off on our recorder.

So, let us say here some of what we inaudibly said in that video…

If you are picked on or made to feel “less than” because of your sexuality, size, color, looks or anything else, hold tight. Like so many other things in life, things may seem complicated or confusing in this moment, but it gets better. Do what you need to do now to have patience and to be safe. Above all else, love and take care of yourself.

We, too, are going to be better about taking that advice when rough patches pop up in life. Will you join us in that commitment?

In related news, we're fighting for Marriage Equality here in Washington State – it's getting voted on in November. Please take a moment to check out our post and lend your voice to the cause via the comments section, Twitter and Facebook. Thanks!