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Always Buy Travel Medical Insurance

NVR Guys

It's a big week in our world.  For the first time, we're heading back to the place where we made "Kent and Caanan" an official union – at least in our minds – about a decade ago. There's one thing we're definitely not leaving without.

Travel insurance.

You know we have a great track record of positive experiences using travel insurance, but there's now more to add to the story.

Remember a couple weeks ago when we told you the three stupid mistakes we made when illness struck in China? Well, there was a forth stupid move. And it was really dumb. So idiotic, in fact, that we wanted to dedicate a post to it.

When we wrote that last post, many people got in touch asking if we had travel medical insurance and if our travel insurance provider had made the situation any easier. Well, they attempted to make the situation much easier. The problem is that we didn't listen to them, which ultimately made the situation worse.

So, here it is... the 4th stupid thing we did when illness struck in Shanghai:

We immediately called our travel medical insurance provider to report the situation. When we told them the hospital we were heading to, they warned us not to go to that facility because they had no reports of positive experiences there. They didn't have any negative reports either; it's just that they urged us to go to a "sure thing" location where at least one English speaking client had a favorable experience.

Always buy travel medical insurance

The hospital we had selected was close and huge; we didn't foresee any problems. Concerned about any additional time in transit, we ignored our well known travel insurance provider's advice. As you know from our last post, the hospital we originally went to was a bust because no one spoke English. We should have listened to our insurance provider.

With boat loads of traveling behind us and several positive experiences with travel insurance claims, we can fully recommend – without hesitation – that you purchase travel insurance (at least medical) when you travel.

Here are three things you may not know.

1) They have fantastic resources at their fingertips. As this example illustrates, agents have all sorts of helpful information at the ready. They know where to send you if all hell breaks loose because they leverage the knowledge gained from other clients' experiences. Brilliant if, unlike us, you actually listen.

2) They check in on you. We've had several claims over the years. Each time, we get e-mails and calls to see how things are going and to direct us to other resources. Many travel insurance providers outsource claims to an operation in Wisconsin. Those people know us – very well. They are usually incredibly friendly, efficient and competent.

3) They are fair. Many people feel like you get "the run around" from travel insurance providers. We can see where that perception comes from. Sometimes, they want a lot of paperwork filled out, and it can get tedious. Do we really need to send proof of travel and proof of payment for travel? Ugh!  However, we've found that – every time – if we do what we were supposed to, our claims are approved and paid in full.

As we prepare to head to a remote lodge in the middle of the jungle in Costa Rica, we have a lot more peace of mind with travel insurance in hand.

Learn from our experience. Buy travel insurance and listen to their advice.