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There's Something About Maui

NVR Guys

Aloha! As I write this, our time on Maui isn't quite over, and we've already snapped hundreds of pictures. It's overwhelming to sit here clicking through them all because it's a reminder of how incomprehensibly magnificent and diverse this island is. Such a small place yet so much to see, do and experience.

Maui - Aloha

For now, we're going to leave you with a sampling of photos that represent some of our favorite experiences; more posts will come down the road. Thanks to the Magic Island's Visitors and Convention Bureau, we've seen and done a lot. Even better, many of our experiences have allowed us to lean into this month's wellness focus, so we're excited to report back on that down the road.

Let's start with some shots that communicate Hawaiian essentials (at least in our book) – a stunning sunset near a super beach, a lei greeting (isn't she adorable), a delicious mai tai and a colorful double rainbow.

Maui - Makena Sunset
Maui – Aloha
Maui - Mai Tai
Maui – Rainbow

In our quest to stop using our "thinking" minds, we got ourselves into all sorts of experiments. Throw net fishing, guided meditation and kayaking were among our favorites. We also thought our top notch hotel's daily suggestions were a fantastic addition.

Maui – Throw Net Fishing in Hana
Maui – Wellness in Hana
Maui – Kayaking
Maui – Relax in Hana

In keeping with an NVR Guys travel tradition, we crammed in as many hikes as we could. Favorites took us high up into a bamboo forest and way off the beaten path across lava fields and past alchaline ponds (are we on Maui or in Yellowstone National Park?).

Maui - Bamboo Forest Near Hana
Maui – Lava Fields Hike

And we know that you know that we would never wrap up a travel post without a little talk of food. Top picks include a farm-to-fork inspired vegan meal, the best sweets on the island, a killer sunset meal on the beach and a Thai fueled work session.

Maui – Meal at O'o Farm
Maui - Sweets
Maui - Oceanfront Dinner
Maui – Thai Food in Hana

Next up? We get to drive the rightfully famous Road to Hana one more time. Back to the airport, that is.

Maui – Road to Hana

We're eager to enjoy every mile and to get through it quickly and safely. Why? We've got to get going to our next destination.

Next time you hear from us, we'll be coming to you from Beijing. We're curious to see how China does on the wellness meter. Hint: we're a little worried.

Until then, warmest aloha from about the coolest place on the planet. Mahalo, Maui – we hate to say good-bye.