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No Vacation Required Podcast

For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

Sending a Message

NVR Guys

There are 7 billion of us on the planet, and 1 billion of us go to bed hungry every night. The two of us are lucky. We eat well. The least we can do is be a voice for the ghosts of society who aren't as lucky.

Feed Everyone

Spreading the word was a big part of last month's camping/hiking adventure.

It's amazing what happens when you wear a "statement" t-shirt. We learned during our 2011 advo-camping adventure, that people are very curious about clothing with a message. So, this year, we decided to wear advocacy shirts nearly every day. As was the case last year, it worked. We had to initiate very few conversations. People we met on the trails and in the campgrounds (heck, everywhere!) inquired about the meaning behind the shirts...

Our commitment to feed the planet so that the earth's resources are sustained and so that everyone has a full belly.

Did you commit to eating less meat by picking from our small / medium / large challenge? If not, do it now! Here are a lot of reasons to do so. Also, we're giving away a top-notch knife to one person.

Here is some more information about Oxfam's GROW campaign. You'll find ideas on eating less meat and four other core areas where you, too, can make a difference.

Take it from us, it's not about being perfect, it's about being better.

With so much wealth and abundance in the world, no one should go to bed hungry.

Has all this got you in an advocating mood? Be sure to check out our post on our quest for marriage equality. We need your help.