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Wild About Wilderness

NVR Guys

On the way to Glacier National Park, Montana for our last outdoor adventure of the summer, we got ourselves pumped up by listening to Wild. It's the Cheryl Strayed's book about her 1100 mile hike on the pacific Crest Trail (and all the self discovery that accompanied her throughout the journey). It worked! We're beyond excited.

Although not nearly as ambitious, we have a little hiking goal of our own – teased in a previous post. Over 5 straight days of hiking, we hope to attain both the Fantastic Four (4 hikes) and the Triple Crown (3 hikes) designations. Two hikes appear on both challenges. Including the hikes we're also tackling before and after, we should easily be on the trails for over 100 miles. The Highline trail, which we've completed before, is one of them. Here's the view:

Glacier National Park - Highline Trail

We'll end this adventure in a couple weeks by hiking from Canada back into the United States, camping only in the backcountry. That means no electronics. We can't wait. Our consulting clients – on the other hand – aren't too thrilled.

For now, we're doing what we do every year. Gradually getting settled in by setting up camp and completing some warm up hikes. Here's the lake we're camping on for the first few days:

Glacier National Park - Lake McDonald

And we'll close with a photo montage (cue the overture):

Camping : Hiking Montage

Watch for more – including our annual "bear count" – soon.

Wishing you your own version of a wild weekend!