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For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

What's About to Go Down

NVR Guys

Glacier National Park

We decided to take on a few challenges during August so, guess what? It's Challenge Yourself month at NVR. Woohoo!

Lately, it seems that many members of our online communities (Human Resources, etc.) are bickering all over social media. Whenever we see that going on, we can't help but wonder what drives people to put so much time and energy into petty fights, focusing on what everybody else is doing (instead of themselves) and, well, living life online rather than living life.

We love the social aspect of our NVR life, but *doing* – moving life forward – is of paramount importance to us.

So, in keeping to that, here's what's shaking this month. After we get Denver out of our world (yes, we're here again), it'll be time to get one last outdoors-y fix this summer.

Although we've actually already done it once (in June), we're heading back out into the wilderness. This time, it's our annual camping and hiking adventure. It's our only travel tradition, and the thing we look forward to most all year. As always, we'll be heading for our favorite corner of the world and seeing what hikes we can check off the list.

That's where the first two challenges come in.

We'll be trying to hit two informal National Park landmark challenges by completing five specific hikes in five days. These hikes, alone, will have us on various trails for over 50 miles. What about the other 10 days? It'll be our most aggressive hiking schedule ever.

We'll keep you posted.

Another reason why we enjoy this particular yearly adventure is because we like to fold in some kind of advocacy element. We call it advo-camping.

We're still on fire about the fact that 1 billion world citizens are chronically hungry, so our advo-camping efforts will focus on getting the word out about what we can all do to be part of the solution. We're all connected as world citizens, so we have to watch out for one another. That many people going hungry is just wrong.

This challenge is all about talking to a yet-to-be-determined number of people as we hike and camp our way around. We'll give you full details and keep you posted on that as well.

Finally, we are 95% sure we are going to accept a challenge that will significantly change the way we we view our own food consumption. We're giving ourselves until the 15th to think about it. But, here again, you'll be the first to know how things shake down.

That's what our August looks like for now.

What about you? Do you want to join us in a self imposed challenge? Come up with something and let us know. Whatever you do, don't let the gravity that is social media pull you into just talking about life and not living it fully.