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No Vacation Required Podcast

For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

Wanna Be Our First

NVR Guys

Wanna be our first guest poster?

We're excited to announce that – for the first time – we're welcoming someone new to NVR land!

We've decided that, from time to time, we'll invite people we're crazy about to guest post on our website. This time (and probably only this time), we want to open it up to anyone interested.

Are you interested in being our inaugural guest poster? We hope so!

In order to introduce new perspectives, we'll be asking guest posters to write about a particular theme – something that aligns with both the guest poster and the focus of our site.

For this first guest post, we're looking for someone to write about their vision for a better world. Ideally, the writer will share what he/she is doing (or wants to do) to contribute to that vision. Or maybe the focus will be what he/she has learned from traveling. You get the idea.

If this sounds like something you're interested in, shoot off an e-mail with an overview of what you have in mind. Don't sweat it – brief is fine. We're easy going and want to keep this process pretty informal.

Since we'll be in the woods (literally) for the upcoming weeks, please don't expect a reply. We'll likely review e-mails and make a selection in early September. We're not sure how we'll select someone. We'll likely take the ideas that qualify and use

We're very eager to add a guest post element to our website. It's something we've wanted to do as part of our 5 year NVR Project.

Wanna be our first guest poster? Get in touch!

No comments necessary on this post, but please check out our last post for our take on a better world. Please comment and join in our challenge.