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Life's Greatest Challenge

NVR Guys

Getting "real" in Glacier National Park

The other day, while driving to a hike in Glacier National Park, we got completely sucked into a random interview we landed on when browsing through the different radio stations.

The program was all about showing and being the "real you" at all times. Since this topic is like crack for us, we sat at the trailhead devouring every word.

Completely engaging with a soothing voice, the woman being interviewed was working from the premise that most people move through life without fully allowing their authentic selves to shine through. The thoughts she shared revolved around the core idea that many individuals – somewhere along life's path – have an experience (or, more often, several experiences) that nudge them towards altering or diluting their natural personalities and attributes. In other words, we take on roles – people pleaser, funny guy, care giver, etc.

For many people this leads to chasing templated notions of success, pursuing dreams that are approved by others and, generally speaking, living outside of yourself. The hallmark symptom is that never-ending "out of sync" feeling that can hang – often subtly, sometimes profoundly – like a black cloud over life's activities. Having been there ourselves and in ceaseless pursuit of moving further and further away from it, we devote a lot of airtime to that theme around here.

Interesting that we caught that interview while on our yearly camping / hiking extravaganza in Glacier NP. We use this annual trek, specifically, to – individually and as a couple – figure stuff out so that we can more successfully move towards synchronicity with our true selves. We use the fresh air, quiet and outdoors-y surroundings as sort of an annual tune up, clearing out the build up of mental plaque and propelling us forward.

Today, at the end of Challenge Yourself month here at NVR, we want to affirm what we heard on the radio that day. Based on our own lives and the personal experiences of so many people that we've interacted with, we'll even go so far as to say that there's no more worthwhile or fulfilling challenge than uncovering and embracing the real you. We know, too, from the work we do – helping companies and individuals take positive steps forward – that nothing helps to open up doors quite like bringing the best of you (the real you), and others, to the table.

As we said in a recent post, it all starts with asking life's tough questions.

Once you start on the path, that off feeling starts to disappear. Best of all, the mental "space" that's created by removing the gunk opens up room for the power of your internal compass to shine through. What's that internal compass? Your intuition. When in tune, intuition emerges as a knowingness that shows up as the quiet but powerful cornerstone of your every move.

So, yea, for us that's what this particular wilderness journey is really all about. Sure, accomplishing mini-challenges is nice, but nothing has been more gratifying for each of us over the years than getting really comfortable with who we are.

It's a process and a challenge. One we're both glad we're navigating – one step at a time.