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Finishing What We Started

NVR Guys

Last year when we were here in Glacier Natioinal Park, a hiker just in front of us on the Grinnell Glacier trail fell to his death due to hazardous conditions. Stunned and in shock, we turned back. This year, with the good fortune of much better hiking conditions, we knew we wanted to revisit that trail – for us and for the guy who lost his life.

Look what we would have missed had we decided to never return to that trail. A glacial lake like none we've seen greeted us at the end. Turning to head back down, we could see the complete chain of the three milky green lakes that guided us up the trail all nestled in the verdant bowl.

Grinnell Glacier Trail
Grinnell Glacier Trail
Grinnell Glacier Trail

After that, we were suddenly on an "unfinished business" kick, and were very happy that the Siyeh Pass trail was a required hike for one of our challenges. A few years ago, we were here for a family reunion. One day, in order to get at least one hike in, we broke away from the group (no one else was interested in hiking) and headed straight for the Siyeh Pass trail. Feeling guilty for being away and unimpressed with the first few miles of the trail, we turned back.

We now know that was a mistake..

This year – because of the Fantastic Four challenge – we pushed past the point where we last turned around. Our perspective completely changed. The hike we ranked low four years ago is now (having completed it) one of our favorites.

Here are some shots of things we wouldn't have seen had we not returned.

Siyeh Pass trail
Siyeh Pass trail
Siyeh Pass trail

We firmly believe that you make the best decision you can in any given moment – no regrets, no second guessing. Tonight, however, we'll celebrate finishing what we started during prior visits to Glacier.

We'll also celebrate having the health and ability to see all of the beauty around the world.

We are lucky, and life is good. Very good.

 What about you? Anything you've finished that you're glad you did (or wish you hadn't)?