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Back in Glacier National Park!

NVR Guys

Hello from Glacier National Park, Montana!

Several days in, all is almost perfect. Here's what's going on...

Our first "warm-up" hike got cut from the agenda. On day #1, we were about to head out for an early morning start on the Quartz Lake trail.  Knowing that all sorts of weird stuff can go down up here, we thought better of it and decided to wait until the Ranger Station opened in order to check conditions.  Good thing we did. There had been early morning mountain lion sightings around the lake, so they were closing the trail. You know we do not need any mountain lions in NVR world.  All the whiskey in the world would not calm our nerves after that type of sighting.

Instead, we decided to immediately get to chipping away at our hiking challenges. We tackled one we've done before (and one of our favorites), the Highline trail, which starts right at what is considered the heart of the park, Logan Pass.

We're enjoying the most remarkable weather that we've ever had here. Clear, sunny days that aren't too hot followed by cool nights. In the "bad news" department, we're down a computer. Before leaving Seattle, we had everything planned in order to keep our work-time to a bare minimum – mostly client interaction. That was the plan until one of our computers died – completely died – the day before we left.

So, were sharing one computer, which is doubling our work time. It's no biggie though. Nothing can dampen our spirits (except mountain lions) in this gorgeous setting.

Here are a few random photos that give you a sense of what a day on the trails looks like.

Early morning before heading out on a hike...

Glacier National Park, Montana

Up, up, up...

Glacier National Park, Montana

Wildflowers line our journey to the top....

Glacier National Park, Montana

Rest break…

Glacier National Park, Montana

About to head down…

Glacier National Park, Montana

Those five pictures took forever to upload, so that's it for now.

Have a great week!