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5 Things Learned from Losing the iPhone and Using Facebook

NVR Guys

social media crack = Facebook.

Remember when we were in Spain and we had our iPhone stolen? We certainly do. Well, rather than jumping right into another iPhone, we wanted to see if we could function without one. The answer, at first, was b a r e l y. Talk about a challenge. Sheesh.

Anyhow, here are some things we've learned along our iPhone-less way, in addition to a few epiphanies we've had while trying to be more diligent about participating in the social media crack known as Facebook.

Here goes…

1) The absence of an iPhone has made us (and our friends) more responsible. No more "we'll call them on the way" or other such potentially flakey behaviors. We firmly commit and we make our friends firmly commit because we can't be reached as easily without the iPhone.

June 29th – Kent: Today we met visitors Dan, Audrey and James at our neighborhood cafe. After we arrived, I grew increasingly paranoid about the fact that we hadn't reconfirmed. Were they lost? Were they tweeting? We had no way of knowing. I'm about one more inconvenience away from heading down to AT&T. Screw waiting for the iPhone 5.

2) We've lost precious time without the iPhone. The mapping feature and One Bus Away (and a few other things) are major time savers. We don't know when buses are arriving, and we get more lost than we normally would. Not fun.

July 21st – Caanan: Moving our friend's stuff across several several states would have been a whole lot easier with the iPhone's mapping feature. My headache frequency and Tylenol consumption have jumped significantly.

3) We've gained precious time without the iPhone. The iPhone was becoming the 3rd NVR Guy. It went everywhere with one or both of us. Games, books, etc. were far too easily accessed and used as a distraction when a distraction wasn't needed.

July 14th – Kent: I'm on the bus and am feeling a great sense of loss without the iPhone to fiddle with. I am recognizing that it has made my mood shift (for the worse).

4) Facebook amplifies everything. Being more active on Facebook, we've connected with people that we wouldn't have otherwise. The expanded reach and breadth of relationships is nice.

July 28th – Kent: Today we posted a little blurb about the Olympics, and it's getting some interesting comments. It's fun. At the same time, I think I'm a little overly anxious to see where the conversation goes.

5) Facebook amplifies everything. Everything. Um… let's just say people can be bitchy. In public.

August 2nd – Caanan: A colleague in the HR world was trying to get us all wound up about about a conversation going on on Facebook. He insisted that we weigh in. When I looked at the back-and-forth, I saw that it was a bunch of negative, unproductive gibberish that was – in large part – ill spirited and not forward-moving at all. Why do people waste time with this sort of stuff?

Despite those five realizations, we haven't decided where we're going for sure, for sure with all of this experimenting. We have made progress towards what might be a final decision in one area. I think we're going to be just fine without the iPhone. I never would have guessed that would be the case. Yes, that means no more iPad and iPhone action at the same time.

The iPhone and the iPad AT THE SAME TIME.

We'll keep you posted – our resolve may be shaken when the iPhone 5 is announced.  We're only human!

What about you? Are you addicted to the iPhone and/or Facebook? What have you learned? Please share!