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Awesome Adventures – The Olympics

NVR Guys

Last year, we decided to – from time to time – highlight some of our most spectacular past journeys under an “Awesome Adventures” heading. To qualify, the journey has to be the best of the best. There aren’t many. So far, we’ve only gotten around to sharing details from our visit to Antarctica and our quest to see the Northern Lights. Today, in honor of our All American month and the London Olympics, there’s a new Awesome Adventure to share.

Attending the Olympics has probably been our most surprising (in a good way) adventure to date.

It was pure luck that enabled us to attend the 2004 Olympics in Greece. Because it was a surprise from an employer – details in another post – I guess our ability to go also involved some hard work.

Here's the kicker... We only had about two weeks notice, and – of course – we wanted to maximize our time at the games and in Greece. It was a bit of a logistics nightmare, but everything worked out better than we could have expected given the last-minute nature of the trip.

We really lucked out with our hotel and with the events we were able to attend. Tickets to Olympic events are notoriously expensive, but it was worth it. We saw diving, volleyball and even caught biking from the balcony of our room. Medal ceremonies were a highlight. (Please excuse these pictures from 2004. Have cameras come a long way, or what?!)

Summer Olympic Games
Summer Olympic Games

It was most exciting to watch several sessions of gymnastics – always highly competitive, always a nail-biter.

Summer Olympic Games
Summer Olympic Games

The best part – and why everyone should consider attending the Olympic Games – is the overall vibe of peace, love and camaraderie that fills the host city. It was definitely one of the earliest triggers that prompted us to mix up our world and ultimately create this NVR life.

Summer Olympic Games
Summer Olympic Games

Finally, we did carve out time to explore the islands after the Olympics. Santorini was a favorite. Here's why.

Summer Olympic Games
Summer Olympic Games

Have you been to the Olympics or are you considering attending at some point in the future?