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A Great Book

NVR Guys

Read a book!

Are you looking for a riveting read? Good timing because have we ever got a page-turner for you.

We're reading more in NVR land, so – from time to time – we want to share some of the best books that come into our world. If you're looking to chill out with a good book, get your hands on The Submission by Amy Waldman. If you're a traveler or consider yourself a world citizen or a book fanatic, you won't be disappointed. We both loved it.

At it's core, The Submission has all of the makings of a compelling novel – a powerful topic, richly developed characters and multiple strands of activity to keep you entertained and intrigued. What's most noteworthy about Waldman's ingenious book, though, isn't the intense storyline revolving around a fictitious reimagining of the post-9/11 memorial selection. No, the real beauty is in the way that this fiction-based-on-fact novel makes you think about your own beliefs.

The novel jumps right into the thick of things, opening with the memorial selection committee's much anticipated reveal of the anonymous winner's name. We don't want to give away a single additional plot point. Suffice it to say that, from that opening moment on, it's a riveting, emotion packed read. What we both loved is that – through the perspectives of a variety of characters with different back stories – it challenges your perceptions about patriotism, bigotry, art, hate and grief (to name only five).

Somehow, the book manages to make you feel for each character's perspective and history. In the process, you're inspired to rethink the whys behind the way you think and the judgements you make.

It challenged us to rethink what it means to be American. Perfect for the All American theme that's showing up in some of our posts this month.

Thinking you might read it? Let us know. It'd be fun to compare notes. Maybe we can do a Twit-versation Book Club down the road.