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Road Tripping with Our National Park Passport

NVR Guys

Let the road trip begin! We flew into Las Vegas and immediately set out on a small-scale road trip that will have us camping and exploring our way to Colorado. You know we can't go too long without getting a hit of the great outdoors. So, by the time June rolls around, we're eager to schedule some camping and hiking.

This is an especially exciting adventure for us because the stretch of the USA that we'll be traveling – between Vegas and Denver – is a National Park jackpot!

Now is probably as good of a time as ever for us to fully come out of the closet as National Park fanatics. Sure, we talk about them often, but I don't think we've gone so far as to say that they're about the coolest thing ever. We'll even be so bold as to proclaim that they are the best feature of our country.

How do you prove you're extremist-level devotion to National Parks? With a Passport To Your National Parks, of course.

National Park Service - Passport To Your National Parks

The book, sold by the National Park Service, is a planner's dream. It breaks the country up into nine regions and provides all of the significant sites in each region. But that's just where the fun begins. When you visit a site listed in the book, you record your visit  by getting a cancellation stamp. Check it out:

National Park Service - Passport To Your National Parks

How fun is that.

Moreover, each year you can purchase a set of 10 stamps to place in your Passport.

National Park Service - Passport To Your National Parks

Okay, it's time to finish loading up on supplies here in St. George, Utah and to get back on the road.

Join us in supporting the National Park Service. Get your hands on a NP Passport (via their website or a NP) and start planning!